Missing Malaysia flight MH370
Missing Malaysia flight MH370

Kuala Lumpur: The families of the passengers and crew members of Malaysia Airlines flight MH3 0 are puzzled over the time taken to make public the cargo manifest of the missing airliner as compared to MH17 which was shot down over Ukraine by rebels on Thursday.

The cargo manifest for MH370 was released on May 1, almost two months after the disappearance of the flight while it only took two days for MH17’s cargo manifest to be released.

“What was causing the delay for MH370’s? Why did we have to go through the horrific pain and doubt in the past?,” the families asked on the Facebook page, ‘Voice 370’, a non- profit organisation for families of the passengers and crew on board of MH370.

The families also expressed concern over the fact that the full cargo list for MH17 was issued, whereas the cargo list of MH370 was incomplete, local media reports said.

Flight MH370 with 230 passengers, including five Indians, on board was travelling from Kuala Lumpar to Beijing on March 8 when it lost contact with air traffic control and hasn’t been seen since.

MH17, also a Boeing 777-200, was en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, when it crashed in Ukraine near the Russian border.

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