New Delhi: India today demanded a categorical apology from the United States in the Devyani Khobragade case, saying the country will not accept such behaviour in any circumstances.

“No formalities will be acceptable to us. They (US) should tender a clear apology. We will not accept this conduct against India under any circumstances. US has to understand that the world has changed, times have changed and India has changed,” Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kamal Nath said.

The minister said the government has always maintained that the US has to apologise in the Devyani issue.

“The conduct and attitude that US has shown regarding the Devyani issue is a matter of concern not only for India but also for all countries and everyone should raise their voice. Only regretting is not enough. They (US) have to apologise and accept that they have made a mistake,” Nath said.

However, main opposition BJP was not convinced and insisted that the “weak-kneed” policy of the Indian government has led to this treatment by the US. BJP also pointed out that due to this attitude of the government, it would be difficult for India to make US bow before it.

“The attitude that the Indian government has had in the past and even today towards America, the way they have supported America on every issue and the way they go on their knees before the US whether it is the nuclear deal or FDI in retail… its a long series it’s difficult for us to fathom how the US will bend before such a government,” BJP Vice-President Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said.

The BJP underlined that US will have to apologise to India in the Khobragade case.

“The US will have to apologise. This is an extra-ordinary event and not about the US and India alone. It is an example for the whole world that no diplomat can feel secure in such circumstances. So, they (US) should apologise, express regret and say that whatever happened should not have happened,”Naqvi said.

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