Ex-girlfriend spills terrors faced while dating Pistorius

London: Former girlfriend of Paralympic runner Oscar Pistorius has talked about how the athlete terrorised her during her relationship with the ‘angry and possessive’ double amputee.

Samantha Taylor said that she feared Pistorius would kill her and revealed that she once hid his gun after he flew into a rage at her.

Pistorius was cleared of murder yesterday, but he could still be jailed on Friday for shooting dead his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. And ahead of the verdict, Taylor said that it could have been her, The Mirror reported.

Taylor said that she was left with bruises and scars after the Blade Runner bit and pinched her, but he also tortured her mentally during the 18-month relationship.

Taylor said that Pistorius used to lock her in his house and then go out, and added that she had no food, she couldn’t get out and it was dangerous. She said that he often went out saying that he would just be an hour or so and ended up out all day or night.

She also described how Pistorius once left her paralyzed with fear when he used his beloved Porsche as a weapon, driving her at up to 200 miles-per-hour to punish her.

Pistorius shot Steenkamp on Valentine’s Day 2013. And since that moment, Taylor has had nightmares. She said that what happened to Steenkamp could so easily have happened to her, and added that she definitely thinks that could have been her without a doubt, many, many, many times.

Speaking of one ordeal, Taylor said that Pistorius gets so mad, so angry he can’t even speak, adding that he was trying to string his words together, spitting, shouting, grabbing.

Taylor also said that he used to bite her a lot, pinch her in anger and in fun, adding that she had bruises and scars and it was painful.

One night, things got so bad that she thought he was going to shoot her at his home in Pretoria, South Africa, with the gun he would later turn on Steenkamp. Taylor said that she was so scared of him that she had to hide his gun.

She said that she hid the gun under the bed knowing Pistorius wouldn’t look there, and added that he kept that gun, the one used on Steenkamp, on his table or by his prosthetic legs on the floor. She said that he slept on the right near the windows and he never kept that gun under the bed, like he claimed in his statement.

Pistorius would vanish for nights of boozing, partying and chatting up impressionable women. But when the couple was apart for longer periods, like when he had athletics events abroad, his jealousy erupted.

Taylor said that Pistorius is a very insecure man, adding that he would call at all hours and she was scared of him at times because he had very bad anger issues. She said that he was so possessive; he would look through her phone and find a photo from long ago or look on her Facebook, and often get quite angry.

At Pretoria High Court yesterday, Pistorius was cleared of murder, but he could still be found guilty of culpable homicide, the equivalent to manslaughter here, the report added.

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