Delhi BJP chief’s remark on Advani creates flutter

New Delhi: Delhi BJP chief Vijay Goel today created flutter with his remark that the next government at the Centre will be formed under L K Advani’s leadership, a statement that comes amid growing clamour in the party for projecting Narendra Modi as its Prime Ministerial candidate.

“The next government at the Centre will be formed under the leadership of L K Advani and nobody else,” he said addressing the party’s Foundation Day in the presence of Advani and party president Rajnath Singh.

As television channels carried his statement and there was flutter in the party circles, Goel sought to play down his remark saying what he meant was that the next government will be formed under Advani’s guidance.

He eulogised Vajpayee and Advani in his speech, saying they guided the party since its inception. While Vajpayee was unwell, he said, the party will seek Advani’s guidance as it braces ahead for forming its government in the next general elections.

Notwithstanding the recent praise showered on him by Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav, Advani told BJP workers that they should not be apologetic for the Ayodhya movement and should take pride instead.

“When people believe and talk of our Ayodhya issue and agitate over it, you should not be apologetic over it, ever. You should take pride in it,” Advani said.

Addressing party workers at the BJP headquarters on the occasion of BJP Foundation Day here, Advani said he felt pride in admitting that his party raised the issue of Ram temple and Ayodhya as it was not just a political outfit but also a cultural one.

The BJP veteran said one should speak the right thing to gain people’s trust and cited the example of Mulayam Singh.

“Recently, when people heard Mulayam Singh ji praising me, they thought what he is saying and doing? I feel if you speak the right thing, the world will accept it. You should not hesitate. Don’t ever let that inferiority complex come inside you.

The Samajwadi Party supremo, when asked about his praise of Advani, had said that those leaders who had done good or are doing so should be appreciated.

Advani said he has no objection to those who believe that BJP gained support by raising the Ayodhya and Ram temple issue alone, but added that he could not complete the Ayodhya Yatra as he was arrested before reaching Ayodhya.

“People say that BJP and Bharatiya Jana Sangh achieved this position by raising issues like Ayodhya and Ram temple. I feel proud in admitting this and say that ours is not just a political movement but also a cultural movement,” he said.

Advani exhorted partymen not to compromise on corruption and show strength and courage in doing so.

He asked them to prove the party’s detractors wrong who had charged the BJP of being a party of differences and not a party with a difference.

“Today, those who speak against us by bringing out faults in us and say that you are a party with differences and not a party with a difference, you should prove them wrong. You can do so only if there is nothing is wrong in your conduct. It should be uncompromising,” Advani said.

He said Hindu, Bharatiya and Indian were synonyms and indutva, Bharatiya and Indianism are synonymous with each other.

In his address, BJP president Rajnath Singh said if voted to power the party will strengthen state governments further through de-decentralisation of powers.

This, he said, was to strengthen all state governments be it those led by BJP or non-BJP parties like AIADMK or BJD.

Singh criticised the UPA government for doling out heavy tax concessions to corporates and taking away subsidies of farmers.

The BJP president also criticised the government for decontrol of sugar industry by giving them concessions to the extent of Rs 5,500 crore.