Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New York
Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New York

New York: Slamming previous regimes for carrying out appeasement and vote-bank politics, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today pitched for development and good governance saying he wants to create opportunities for a “neo- middle class” that has come above the poverty line.

Giving credit to the youth for bringing out a “change” in the course of Indian politics, Modi said there is a new wave of aspiration in the country after the change of government as youth had earlier only seen disappointment.

“Earlier there was a habit in our country to keep small groups happy. Divide in small groups and keep your vote-bank intact. This has changed now.

“The thinking of the young generation of India has changed. The young generation of the country does not want to live in parts. The change has come due to the youth,” Modi said in his address at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Recalling that his party had fought the Lok Sabha elections on the planks of development and good governance which are difficult to pursue in the existing political discourse dominated by vote-bank politics, he said that they are but the only answer to all the problems of India.

Asserting that he wants to create opportunities for a neo-middle class to accelerate development, Modi said that his government plans to focus on achieving a balance between agriculture, manufacturing and services to achieve growth.

He said that there is a large number of people, who have gone above the poverty line but are yet to find a place among the middle class.

“If we ignore our neo-middle class and they again slide back into poverty, then the poor will lose hope of coming out of poverty,” he said as he unveiled his future plans for the country’s development.

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