New Delhi: BJP today blamed the Congress for the “disgraceful” pepper spraying incident in Lok Sabha, saying it was a “drama” enacted by the ruling party and vowed not to engage with the government on any issue again.

The main opposition party rejected government’s contention that the controversial Telangana Bill was introduced in Lok Sabha, saying Parliamentary procedures were not followed.

Terming the incident as “disgraceful” and “sad”  for Parliament, senior BJP leader L K Advani attacked the government, saying it was hell-bent on getting the Bill passed anyhow even if it means suspension or expulsion of members.

“Whatever has happened in Parliament is not just unfortunate but also shameful…For this, the Congress party is solely responsible. It is a drama enacted by the Congress.

“…We had not imagined that they will introduce the bill in such a way…We have decided we will not talk to government on anything at all,” she said.

“Whatever happened, it has crossed all  limits…It now seems that all that has happened is part of the design because Congress wanted to create pandemonium and commotion so that all members leave the Lok Sabha and then they could do a make-believe introduction of the Telangana Bill,” Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj said.

She also contested government claims that the Bill was introduced in the House amid pandemonium, saying there was no supplementary agenda given to her or listed in the business of the House.

“I was sitting in the House even after the spray incident and wanted to stay inside till I was advised by marshals to leave as it could cause harm to my health. As long as I was inside the House, not even an “I” of the Bill was read. I don’t know when was the bill introduced,” she said.

Free Press Journal