Bhopal: ‘Kalam wanted to be remembered as teacher not Missile Man’

BHOPAL: “Kalam always wanted to be remembered as a teacher and not as Missile Man. He always dreamed of India, where every child is educated and contributing to his/her part in national development”, said Srijan Pal Singh, advisor and close friend of Late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.

Srijan Pal Singh was in the city to announce the launch of Kalam Library Mission in Madhya Pradesh along with Vishleshan Educational and Welfare Society. The MoU between the two is aimed at building libraries in schools where underprivileged children are deprived of books. By accepting donations of books from like minded people who want to change the society, students, schools, colleges libraries will be developed for children.

The collaboration will also work to bring change in the society through two other programs, Dreamathon, where they will be compiling vision of youngsters about how they want to see India in 2025 and Ignited Minds Brigade, where they will form clubs in colleges to involve college students to be like Kalam and work for society.

Bhopal: ‘Kalam wanted to be remembered as teacher not Missile Man’

Talking about Kalam, Srijan Pal Singh said that his magnificence was reflected in his views towards a problem.

“He always said that never criticise anyone, if you don’t have any alternative solution to the problem.

He was absolutely against criticising anyone.

 He also said that in his 50 years of working experience, he was never asked for any bribe and neither had been asked for unethical favours.

 He always said that ‘build a brand of yourself that no one will challenge’. His dream is now our dream and we will contribute our part in fulfilling the dream Kalam ignited in our minds”, he said.

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