AAP’s countdown has begun: Cong

AAP wants to be relieved from the burden of running the Delhi government so that it can focus on achieving their larger political goal.

New Delhi: On a day the Union finance minister P Chidambaram questioned his party’s wisdom in extending support to the Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi, Congress spokesperson M Afzal observed that the countdown has begun for the AAP. ” No, it is a not a question of our withdrawing the support.

AAP’s countdown has begun: Cong

We are extending our support because after the elections, the people need a government.

But the countdown for the AAP has begun in the people’s minds. They are disappointed with this sort of approach to governance.

Democracy is not anarchy or rule by the mob,” said Afzal.

Chidambaram, who is a strong critic of the AAP’s methods, observed that after the party had been reduced to the third position in the state assembly with just 8 seats it should have ‘ kept quiet.” He did not seem to agree that the decision on the government formation should have been left to the state unit.

Indeed, within the party there is an increasingly strong viewpoint, first voiced by the former three term chief minister Shiela Dikshit, that AAP should not be supported. But at that time, a section of the party favoured supporting AAP as a device to prevent the BJP from gaining the political advantage.

But with AAP’s anarchist ways, and its political intent to appear as a martyr in the public eye, it is getting increasingly difficult for the Congress to keep supporting it. As Afzal observed, AAP wants the government to go and then blame the Congress for it.For AAP, which has set its eyes on the national elections due in the next few months, running the Delhi government is a tiresome burden. Its leaders are not interested in being tied down to the administrative burden of running the government, and want to utilize their time for achieving their larger political goal, which can be better served, once they are free from the cares of running the government.

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