PM Modi, Akshay Kumar candid chat has become a hot topic of discussion ever since the video is released on social media. In the conversation, Modi touched upon various non-political topics. It is not hidden from anyone that PM Modi works for 18 hours in a day and sleeps only 5-6 hours. When Akshay asked PM Modi how does he manage to keep himself fresh and fit amid such a gruelling schedule? PM Modi told Akshay Kumar that his body clock has become such it won’t allow him to sleep for long. “This is one thing that I intend to do after retirement…I will explore how to get more sleep,” PM Modi told Akshay Kumar.

Here are five revelations made by PM Modi

 Does PM Modi ever get angry?

I am strict and discplined. But I never intend to demean anyone. While serving as CM of Gujarat, I don’t remember I was angry with any officer or any one else in the office. Anger gives rise negativity, says PM Modi

 PM Modi talks about attachment with family

I left my family and everything else at a very young age, so now there’s a kind of detachment. However, whenever I get time I meet my mother and brothers and their family. Infact my mother tells me ‘why are you wasting time on me’: PM Modi tells Akshay Kumar

 Are you really a Gujarati? Akshay Kumar asks PM Modi

I got my first bank account when I became a member of the Gujarat Assembly. I got a plot of land as an MLA, which I have decided to donate to the party.

 What will PM Modi if he gets Alladin’s magical lamp?

I ever I get Alladin’s magical lamp, I will ask it to tell all educationists to never tell their students the story of Alladin’s magical lamp: PM Modi tells Akshay Kumar

 PM Modi reveals his retirement plan

I sleep for 3-4 hours a day. My body cycle has become such that I don’t feel like having more sleep.  Even Barack Obama asked me once how do you keep yourself active by sleeping so less. But one thing I will do after retirement is to explore how to sleep for more than 3-4 hours: PM Modi