Goa: Margao municipal council served show-cause for mismanagement of solid waste

The Goan | Updated on: Wednesday, April 20, 2022, 11:34 AM IST


Citing reports filed by the Goa State Pollution Control Board in the High Court for severe mismanagement and non-compliance to the Solid Waste Management Rules by the Margao Municipal Council, the Director of Municipal Administration has issued notices to the Margao Municipal Chairperson, Chief Officer and Municipal Engineer and Assistant engineer to show-cause why disciplinary action as deemed fit should not be initiated against them for alleged negligence.

In separate notices, Municipal Director Gurudas Pilarnkear has directed MMC Chairperson Lyndon Pereira, Chief Officer Agnelo Fernandes and the municipal engineers to reply to the show-cause notice on or before April 20.

“It is reported that the waste treatment facility of MMC located at Sonsoddo was being operated without valid consent to operate of the Board under the Water Act and Air Act as well as without valid authorization under the Hazardous Waste Rules and Solid Waste Rules”, the notice stated.

It added: “Further, screening plant for composting of wet waste was not functional. Wet waste was being dumped outside the shed, leachate formation and flow were observed from the dump outside the shed, unsegregated solid waste was seen stored outside the segregation shed all around the landfill site, leachate collection tank, plant site and solid waste bailing station in open-air - leading to leachate flow in monsoon rain.

Rainwater was seen entering the shed resulting in the flow of leachate from the plant into the drain, approx 100 bags of biomedical waste was seen dumped at the landfill site, part of an inert dump generated during the remediation period of the legacy waste dump was found uncovered, wastewater from the dumpsite was flowing into the stormwater drain and collapse of the sidewall of shed and incident of fire at Sonsodo”.

“Any failure on the part of the committee to implement the directions given in the said order shall invite action against the Chairperson/Mayor for disqualification as per relevant provisions of the Goa Municipalities Act 1968/The City Corporation of Panaji Act, 2002 as it would be construed as persistent failure to discharge their duties”, the Director stated in the notice, adding, “Non-compliance on the part of the said members of the Committee shall also be taken as grounds for initiating disciplinary action.

When contacted, DMA Pilarnekar said the show cause notices have been issued to the MMC Chairperson and officials given the recent incident wherein a portion of the Sonsodo waste treatment plant wall had collapsed after garbage piled up inside the shed.

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Published on: Wednesday, April 20, 2022, 11:34 AM IST