How does FASTag help you save Fuel and Time?

By this time, you might have heard about FASTag – the new and advanced way to pay for toll amount in India when you travel through highways. It is an electronic tolling system put in place by the Indian government for us all.

Around four hundred toll plazas located across diverse National Highways have already to accept toll payments electronically.

Once you have created and accessed FASTag account using your login details, you can fill it up with the money to be used to pay toll as and when you travel through the state and national highways.

You may be wondering – ‘What’s the connection between FASTag with time and fuel savings?

Well, there is.

Here is how fixing a FASTag to your car’s windscreen will help you save fuel and time:

1. Quick Payment Processing

The extensive network of highways in India connects one city to the other. However, just like every good thing that comes with a price, you need to pay toll amount to enjoy the experience of driving your car on a highway.

You prefer driving over highways because they are better than city roads and you can also drive at high speeds there. The only thing that takes time there is the tax collection point at the toll. You cannot avoid wasting your time in the queue of vehicles, especially around festive occasions when people are usually in a hurry to go back to their distant homes.

You need not worry as a FASTag can help you a lot. Access your FASTag account using the login details, add money into it and be ready to drive across the toll plazas without stopping in between. No stoppage means no wastage of time.

2. No More Standing in the Queues

Visit a toll tax that does not have FASTag sensors and you will find vehicles standing in queues. No driver wants to switch off the vehicle to continue moving forward. In this slow pace driving experience and long wait time, excess fuel gets wasted more often.

FASTag is indirectly related to your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Since you need not wait for a long time at the toll with a FASTag, it helps you avoid wastage of fuel and make your car fuel-efficient.

How Can You Buy FASTag?

It is quite easy to buy FASTag by visiting Point of Sale locations at different toll plazas, or you can get it online. Several banks in India have been working as the FASTag issuing partners to help you create your FASTag account. You can then access this account using your FASTag login details, add money to it and keep a check on your toll transactions online.

You need the following documents to buy FASTag online or offline:

- Registration Certificate of Your Vehicle

- PAN Card

- KYC document to define the category of vehicle owner – which is, individual or corporate.

- Driving License

- PAN Card

- Aadhar Card

Important Facts You Should Know About FASTag

- For every toll transaction that takes place using your vehicle, you will get an SMS covering the requisite details on your registered mobile number. You can even ask for a periodic account statement from the chosen partner bank.

- If you often travel through the highways, you can even ask the partner banks for a monthly pass facility or call their customer care departments for further details.

- Recharging your FASTag account by making online payment or through cheque. You can recharge FASTag account from INR 100 t0 INR 1, 00,000 maximally.

With effect from December 1, the government wants all lanes of national highways to accept FASTag. So, you are advised to buy your FASTag now instead of waiting till the start of December this year.

Please note: This article is contributed by Aarush Joshi.

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