Sleep deprived? Beat insomnia with these 3 yoga asanas

Trouble having a good sleep at night? Insomnia is a sleep disorder that is characterised by difficulty in falling asleep or waking up often during the night. The disorder has a lot to with your lifestyle and even a slightest change in your daily routine can make a lot of difference. For instance, eat something light before going to sleep, avoid taking a mid-day nap, or avoid using mobile phones before going to bed. Meditation for 15 minutes can help to relax body and mind. The benefits of yoga are many. But did you know that there are yoga poses that can help beat insomnia and help you get a good night’s sleep?

On International Yoga Day 2019, here’s a look at 3 yoga asanas that helps to beat insomnia.

Baddha Konasana

Sleep deprived? Beat insomnia with these 3 yoga asanas

Also known as ‘Throne Pose’ or ‘Cobbler’s Pose’, ‘Baddha Konasana’ is a seated asana in hatha yoga. The name is derived from Sanskrit words ‘Baddha’ meaning ‘bound’, ‘Kona’ meaning ‘angle’ and ‘Asana’ meaning ‘Posture’. The asana is simple and requires you to sit on the floor keeping your back straight, palms resting on the ground, legs hinging at the knees so the soles of the feet are together. Inhale to straighten the spine and then exhale and bend a little forward from the hips. Breathe in and out.

Upavistha Konasana

Sleep deprived? Beat insomnia with these 3 yoga asanas

Before practicing the asana make sure your stomach and bowels are empty or four to six hours after having your meal. It is better to perform the asana in the morning. To start with, sit erect and keep your legs at a 90-degree angle. Your toes must point up. Place your palms behind your hips. Inhale, long and deep, to lengthen the spine and exhale while you support your lower back and suck your stomach in. Breathe long and deep as you perform the asana. Once done, exhale and gently bend your knees and pull your legs back together.

Viparita Karani

Sleep deprived? Beat insomnia with these 3 yoga asanas

Viparita Karani is also called as Inverted Lake Pose or the Legs Up The Wall Pose. The asana also helps in proper circulation of blood. Sit sideways against a wall and one after the other bring up your leg to a position where your legs press against the wall and the soles of your feet are upwards. Place your hips a little away from the wall and ensure that your back and head are on the floor. Keep your legs relaxed and tuck your chin slightly into the chest. Close your eyes and breathe. Hold the position for five to seven minutes.

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