Revolver Ranee: E-ure(a)ka!!

There is so much fertile imagination and creativity, I am actually wondering why India is so weak in R&D, scientifically speaking. But then, is there any connect between science and the current times? Claims of Lord Ganpati being the first beneficiary of plastic surgery and many such, with the hottest one being the idea to store urine.

Like our dearest city, aamchi Mumbai needs any more inspiration for this idea. Just look around and the so-called international city has people urinating publicly all around. Till now I thought the Arabian Sea by itself was already this urine storehouse. If you think I am fibbing, walk down Worli seaface and inhale deeply, the ammonia, oops urine stench will cause you to pass out. Imagine, were Agastyarishi, the dude who drank up a whole ocean in the Mahabharata, to drink from our own sea, poor fellow, he would have to be hospitalised. I’m running short of masks currently, just with this thought.

Aww, have you heard Tum ho paas song for Kehne Ko Hum Safar Hain, season 2. Don’t be silly Billy, aapli Mrs Fadnavis has given the background score. What a soulful rendition, hands making waves in the air, posing in front of the mic, the video was posted on social media by you-know-who’s public relations firm and Ektaa Kapoor. How it pays to be a chief minister’s wife, the predecessors never knew, poor devoted missuses these, lost out on the PR. Here online, television, newspapers, all have praised the song. I am interested in the firm responsible for the audio post production, please send contacts for future use.

While fires have destroyed Adarsh files, Indian politicians can qualify for the worst liars’ award for disappearance of evidence. What a steal this remark was, by the nation’s legal adviser. Rafale papers were stolen, I mean this is the limit, treating us citizens like imbeciles. Worse still to call a man with the name of saffron parties’ favourite god, Ram, as the man who stole those papers, this Rambaan will pierce through these lies.

The Indian politicians have really no face to show the world, what with claims, counter-claims, number of dead, not dead, strike, no strike. Not that our neighbours are any less. First, they claimed there were all precious pine trees, no Jaish camp. Then they said only structures, no humans and now claims that the spot attacked was a mosque.

To top it all, that ridiculous video. I see such a huge crater of opportunity for a job there, can’t wait to offer critical inputs to officer, at a premium of course, about the abilities of those who got this video made, such pathetic shots, light, edit jumps, ugh. Pakistani production professionals must have distanced themselves. Wonder, when both sides realise, we are two ditto sides of a coin. The 56-inch chest has deflated by few centimetres, have been told. So then, vicious remarks are heard. This man can write a ‘How to Insult People’. He has now targeted the dyslexic, how low class.

Free Press Journal