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Updated on: Saturday, January 11, 2020, 11:36 AM IST

Furry love: Ganpat & me

The most irresistible quality of dogs is the unconditional love that they have to offer.

My love for dogs started from when I could start comprehending things. My earliest memory of having a pet was a boxer named Rusky. I also grew up in an area which had a farm and all sorts of animals like cows, buffaloes, chickens and squirrels. So, it’s safe to say that my proximity to animals dates back to my childhood days.

The most irresistible quality of dogs is the unconditional love that they have to offer. They are always happy to see you no matter what sort of mood are you in. They come and cuddle with you no matter how you are feeling that day and that is a gift no other species have.

At the moment, I have two pets — an Indie named ‘Ganpat’ and a Labrador named ‘Maximus’. I strongly believe that dogs pick up a few quirks of their own ‘parents’.

For instance, in my own household, the Indie’s personality matches mine and the lab’s personality resonates with my brother. Ganpat and I like our own space where sometimes we want to be by ourselves and we’d like for nobody to disturb us whereas Maximus is a very friendly dog, much like my own brother. I’ve had quite a few dogs over the years and I’ve always observed that their special quirks stem out of our own personality traits.

Talking about Pet Fed, most importantly, amidst a plethora of things, it wants to achieve the satisfaction of offering a unique and unmatchable family time to pets and their parents.

It’s a beautiful time for everyone and we love it when friends and families come out together and spend some quality time with their furry family members!

Well, my dog hasn’t spoken to me much, but ‘Bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yay’ has to be one of my favourite doggie quotes, which is right out of a popular rap song!

I believe it’s really imperative to adopt when you are looking to expand your family with a furry member, as there are so many indies and local breeds on our streets and shelters who are just waiting to be adopted into a loving home.

Moreover, with the kind of unhealthy practice of breeding that goes on, with people buying breeds, it just encourages these breeders to keep delving into such practices and even get breeds to our country whose climate doesn’t even suit most like huskies, St. Bernard and many more.

Hence, adoption is far better as we are tackling the issues at hand, giving a home to animals who really need it and are even used to the Indian environment as well as the climate!

India is definitely growing in terms of awareness towards basic animal rights. Pet Fed and a lot of other organisations are trying to create awareness and spread knowledge about animals, their behaviour, instincts, how to tackle pets and diss animal cruelty with every initiative they take every step of the way.

People who already have pets have a fair idea about how to treat animals, however, people who do not live with pets and don’t know better — can be the reason why sometimes there is so much of cruelty.

Hence, these people need to be more sensitised with the idea that this planet is ultimately shared between us and the animals.

Personally, I support PETA with a lot of their initiatives. I support PETA by spreading awareness in ways I can and I even try to attend as many avenues and campaigns that are fuelled by them.

I highly condemn any kind of cruelty towards animals and I'd continue to do so in the future by supporting PETA and similar causes.

Actor Dino Morea supports Pet Fed 2020, India’s biggest pet festival held on Jan 11 and 12 at JVPD Ground, Juhu

— Co-ordinated by Nichola Pais

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Published on: Sunday, January 12, 2020, 05:45 AM IST