Bipin Pandit's Khumaar: Industry stalwarts say 'Yeh Dil Mange More'

Bipin R Pandit’s recent musical extravaganza Khumaar was a packed house and featured artistes from Indore, Bhopal, Pune Ahmedabad along with Mumbai. Present were several industry luminaries such as Ramesh Narayan, Raj Nayak, Shashi Sinha, Kaushik Roy, Kalpana Rao, Partha Sinha, Bobby Pawar, Ajay Kakar, Rana Barua, Satyabrata, Debabrata Mukherjee, Ajay Chandwani, Mitrajit Bhattacharya, Megha Tata, Punitha Arumugam, Dheeraj Sinha, Sanjeev Kotnala, Naval Ahuja just to name a few.and here's what some of them had to say about the show.

1. “In the field of advertising and marketing, Bipin Pandit needs no introduction. I won’t even try, he has been the fulcrum of The Advertising Club for the last 22 years. I have known him for almost three decades and even have the opportunity of working closely with him when I was serving as the President of the Club.

Bipin Pandit's Khumaar: Industry stalwarts say 'Yeh Dil Mange More'

Bipin has been inviting me to Khumaar for many years but as luck would have it, something or the other got in my way and couldn’t make it.Finally, this year I went to Khumaar with my colleague Namrata Tata to St Andrews Auditorium.

I was totally mesmerised; the auditorium was packed and I hadn’t seen the other side of Bipin Pandit even though I had know him for so many years. He had curated a fabulous event, a treat for music lovers especially for people like me who have grown up on old Hindi movies.

Bipin Pandit's Khumaar: Industry stalwarts say 'Yeh Dil Mange More'

The talent was exceptional and we got to listen to the best of songs from RD Burman to Lata Mangeshkar to Mohammed Rafi saab. One just didn’t know how time flew before I knew it I had spent three hours listening and enjoying the was a magical feeling to see the use of so many musical instruments (unlike today when many things are digital) and to see it LIVE.

Of course, Bipin played the perfect host with all his shayaris and dialogues to make it an entertaining evening. Next year make sure you book your tickets in advance for Khummar.” --Raj Nayak, House Of Cheer

2. “Last night I dragged myself in the peak evening traffic from Nariman Point to St. Andrews auditorium to attend the Khumaar music show put together by Bipin Pandit. Sure I love music but this was for Bipin R Pandit. He's the CEO of the Advertising Club.

Bipin Pandit's Khumaar: Industry stalwarts say 'Yeh Dil Mange More'

He joined in 1998 I think, and people wondered why an IT professional from a lubricants company was being asked to run the Advertising Club. They don't any more. But frankly I think Bipin Pandit is really more suited to be an impressario...a showman...a organiser.

And that shows in Khumaar. Great choice of singers and songs. All the best Bipin. And yes, great meeting all the advertising friends there. And by the way, Khumaar means intoxication.” --Ramesh Narayan, Founder Canco Advertising

Bipin Pandit's Khumaar: Industry stalwarts say 'Yeh Dil Mange More'

3. “Khumaar means “nasha” or intoxication. And Bipin Pandit’s Khumar is an addictive nasha. A musical extravaganza that touches the heart and soul of a music lover; a lover of evergreen filmy songs of yesteryears. Bipin personally curates and conducts this baby he gave birth to. And brings centre stage undiscovered talent from across the country and inspires them to do their best.

I really look forward to being in the audience every year. And a 12-month gap between two shows is too long a test for my heart. Borrowing from Ghalib, “Bipin ka andaz-e-bayan he kuch aur hai." --Ajay Kakar, CMO, Aditya Birla Capital Ltd

4. “Khumaar is one of the most entertaining stage shows that I have attended. This is lovingly and efficiently curated by Bipin Pandit who introduces each song with knowledgeable trivia which in itself is an entertainment. What is great about these shows is the choice of songs and ensemble of very talented singers who bring on the magic of evergreen hits of yesteryears.

Bipin Pandit's Khumaar: Industry stalwarts say 'Yeh Dil Mange More'

Not only is the singing quality superlative, these singers are specially selected for the uncanny similarities they have with the singing styles of the mega star singers of the past era. As the show promises: You ain't seen anything if you haven't seen Khumaar!” --Kaushik Roy, Past President, The Advertising Club Bombay

5. “My dear friend Bipin Pandit, who is the COO of our Advertising Club of Mumbai, and has been running it extremely efficiently for decades, has also been conducting an annual musical extravaganza called Khumaar. With a full live orchestra made up of well known musicians from the industry and amazing singers, including some new talent.

Peppered with shayaris that Bipin so effortlessly weaves in as the anchor. I never miss attending Khumaar. Last year I also gave a talk in between (as a sort of a commercial break).” --Bharat Dabholkar, Ad guru, actor & dramatists

Bipin Pandit's Khumaar: Industry stalwarts say 'Yeh Dil Mange More'

6. “Fantastic singers, evergreen songs, huge nostalgia, music divinity and three hours of pure bliss – that is Khumaar. Kudos to Bipin who takes you on a musical journey with his storytelling, interesting nuggets and brilliant compèring to create so many wow moments. Thanks Bipin. Thanks Khumaar.” --Punitha Arumugam, Adclub Managing Committee Member

7. “Shakespeare once said in one of his plays: "If music be the food of love, play on..." Bipin Pandit's Khumaar takes it to an entirely new level, with cuisine getting elevated to literally stratospheric lyrical intoxication. His labour of love manifests itself once a year, befittingly on Valentines day this year, to enthrall an audience of music aficionados.

It always becomes wonderful occasion to see talented artistes -- singers, musicians, composers alike -- create the magic of harmonised songs that tugs at one's heartstrings. The fact that one is enjoying this in the company of some of the nicest friends from the industry makes it a celebratory occasion.

My congratulations to Bipin da on the tremendous success of the event this year and best wishes for future events as well." --Pradeep Dwivedi, CEO, Eros International

8. "It is de rigueur that music is an elixir for our mind and soul. Bipin Pandit, an industry colleague and a friend of three decades, ensures that we imbibe this elixir in a spirit of music annually.

The "Khumaar" musical event, has been held with precision and superb execution for 15 years in a row now and one has to doff the hat to the dilettante compère, shayar and mimic par excellence in Bipin.

The assemblage of phenomenal singers from across India and the musicians that Bipin manages to put together speaks volumes about his executional competence and networking and perhaps give a complex to the original mellifluous voices of a Rafi or a Mukesh or a Kishore or a Manna or a Lata or an Asha or a Suman.

As a person who was born and brought up in the golden era of music of yore when meaning of words resonated with the moment in the film song and merged with the melody, Khumaar is an annual event that I look forward to, not just for the melody and nostalgia of a great selection of songs, but equally to listen to the mirthful shayar in Bipin resplendently donning a bright attire.

Here is wishing my very best to Bipin. Gaate raho, bhai, sunate raho, bhai. Madhosh na hue toh aapke mehfil mein, zindagi toh adhura raha; safar kya jab sangat na ho khumaar ka!” --Nagesh Alai, Past President, AAAI

9. “For me Khumaar will always be one of the finest experiences that is unique and totally fabulous. I have been attending it for many years and every year my friend Bipin is raising the talent and quality to the next level. It’s so good that you want the evening to go on and on. I look forward to the next one very soon and wish Bipin always the best for this novel and amazing curation.” --Rana Barua, CEO, Havas Group

10. “Bipin's Khumaar is an intoxication...difficult to resist. The show having travelled to Baroda and Indore, was back in Mumbai this year. And that too in the prestigious St. Andrew's Auditorium in Bandra. Having seen Khumaar grow in stature over the years, giving opportunities to so many talented new singers, I can only wish Bipin greater success ahead. Rafisaab will be smiling, am sure.” --Mitrajit Bhattacharya, Co-Founder, The Corner Room Project

11. “Khumaar was a great experience. It brought back from memory so many songs that we had grown up with. It was a walk down the nostalgia lane. Also the sheer quality of singers and talent on stage was awe inspiring. Bipin is doing a great job in connecting us to our musical roots.” --Dheeraj Sinha, Managing Director – India, Choef Strategy Officer - South Asia, Leo Burnett

12. “Bipin R Pandit's Khumaar is the best Live orchestra I have ever witnessed. From the selection of songs, musicians and shayaris of Mr Pandit were seemingly threaded. The mike completely transformed Mr Pandit to different level of entertainer, he is BAAP of all when he is on stage and mike in his hand. I would request all my friends to witness this event to believe its magic. Come and witness magic being created by music. Sir, you are genuinely the best person I have ever met.” --Rajneesh Bahl, National Head, Laqshya Media Solutions

13. “An amazing line-up of singers, great choice of songs and the inimitable Bipin! One didn’t even realise how four hours flew by! Khumaar lived up to its impeccable quality built over the years, and added more!” --Mubin Khan, President - Nett Value Media

14. “Bipinji, it was a great event today. Really enjoyed it. It's been a pleasure associating all these years and its beautiful to see the programme grow to this level. Wishing you more and more success and happiness in life.” --Manan Kotak, Chitralekha

15. “Thanks for inviting Bipin! It was a lovely evening and you are a star! You are right...der aaye par durust aaye! Loved the singers and I love old Hindi songs...pity I couldn’t stay till the end. Next time will plan better.” --Megha Tata, M.D. South Asia, Discovery

16. “Tiger, you were a rock star like Raj said. Super entertainment last evening. What a superb evening on Valentine's Day. Time so well spent. Must appreciate the way Bipin took us through his passion of creation in identifying and presenting us with his choice of hidden talents. Way to go my friend.” --Ajit Nair, Lokmat

17. “Khumaar 2020 was a melodious evening filled with varied styles of performances. Dev Anand style duet, soulful violin rendition, vibrant lavani dance and evergreen numbers of Kishore, Rafi and other timeless legends kept the audience gripped. I am sure Khumaar will scale greater heights with each passing year.” --Shweta Shah, Vice President, Media & Strategy Operations, SBI

18. “The name Khumaar is the most apt name that could've been chosen for this experience. It is truly mesmerising. It will transport you to another time, place and mood. It will strike you the way first love did. And this year, Khumaar struck on Valentine's Day.

What a spectacle it was! The performances, the curated list of songs, the diverse and talented artistes, the mind blowing musicians and the icing on the cake, Bipinji himself compering, mimicking, doing shayari, sharing beautiful nuggets and anecdotes about artistes and, of course, singing for his fans.

His jhalak of an Amitabh Bachchan classic was an absolute crowd pleaser! Couldn't have been better! I am an avid follower and I can't wait for the time when Khumaar will strike us again!" --Mehul Shah, Strategy Director, Superunion

19. “Valentine’s Day was my induction into Khumaar and I couldn’t ask for a better way to spend my evening! I was blown away with the tender melody and the freshness of the musical sound. Brilliant talent and Bipin’s witty humour definitely. Stole the show.” --Namrata Tata, Managing Partner -- House Of Cheer

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