World Tourism Day 2020: From Goa to Paris, celebs tell what is on their bucket list
World Tourism Day 2020: From Goa to Paris, celebs tell what is on their bucket list

Tahir Raj Bhasin, actor

Favourite places: My favourite place in India is Goa. It’s such a short flight away from Bombay and is a complete change in the vibe. There are also so many places in India that are on my bucket list; Sikkim and Auroville are on the top. Goa has been my destress destination since childhood. I like that you can go from a party heavy weekend to a chill yoga retreat in the same destination. I have amazing memories of Kayaking and spotting dolphins in the wild in south Goa. Internationally, my top two picks are Italy and Prague. I’ve been and had magical travel experiences at there. My most cherished memory in Italy is listening to local buskers (street music performers) as I backpacked through Cinque Terre, which are fairytale-like pastel villages on their northern coast.
Vacay spot: There are so many places I would like to visit! Now that travel is such a novel concept it makes it even more appealing. I vow to make more trips once things subside to a safer normal. Some of my most inspirational moments have come while on holiday, cycling, rock climbing or trekking. I’d really want to go to Spain or New Zealand in the near future.

World Tourism Day 2020: From Goa to Paris, celebs tell what is on their bucket list

Deepshikha Deshmukh, producer

Favourite destination: I would love to go to Goa, it's my favourite destination. A most special memory is hiring a scooty and riding it on the streets of Goa; reading a book by the beach, listening to the waves... I love Mahabaleshwar as well — the connection with nature especially in the monsoon, the famous choco fudge and the vada pavs are what I look forward to every monsoon. The best part about Mahabaleshwar is the scenic drive from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar — it's one of the best driving stretches in monsoon, so luscious and green and therapeutic in its own way.

World Tourism Day 2020: From Goa to Paris, celebs tell what is on their bucket list

Ashley Lobo, Choreographer

Favourite destination: Bali. The beautiful seaside destination, holiday atmosphere, and the local people are very warm. I remember during one of my visits there with family, we were walking on the street while we were looking for a place. We stopped and asked someone on the street. The person walked with us and showed us. It was a 10-minute walk, but the person did that, smiled and walked away.
Vacay spot: A seaside destination; need fresh air and Bali or Goa.

World Tourism Day 2020: From Goa to Paris, celebs tell what is on their bucket list

Digangana Suryavanshi, actor

Favourite destination: My favourite place in India is Jammu & Kashmir. There is a sense of homeliness I feel when I go there. We go to Vaishno Devi every year; so since I was a child, there’s been that memory of me riding a horse and going to the temple. It’s been one of the most sensitive family trips I’ve had — I think in a way it also draws us closer to each other. There is something so spiritual about it. It keeps me motivated and I feel lighter when I go there. International destination would be Jakarta, Indonesia. All my travel trips are emotionally-driven and I find my heart wherever I go. I’ve been to Jakarta and my show is really popular there. It somewhat has a Mumbai vibe to it and that’s why I like it so much.

Vacay spot: I’d like to travel to Greece. It’s definitely on my bucket list. Although at the moment, I’m refraining from vacay travels unless it’s work-related and very important. Since the virus is still around, so I’d rather be careful!

World Tourism Day 2020: From Goa to Paris, celebs tell what is on their bucket list

Naina Singh, actor

Favorite destination: I really love Nainital. I’ve spent my entire childhood there as I studied in a boarding school in Nainital. So, I have a secret love affair with the place and I can’t wait to go back when things normalise. My heart belongs to Nainital, and my name, Naina, comes from Naina Devi, that’s why it holds a special place in my heart. I’d also love to go to Leh Ladakh, I haven’t been there yet. From what I’ve heard and seen in pictures, it looks like an absolutely beautiful place. Internationally, it is Paris. And, I like it so much because it was my first solo travel expedition. The city has my heart and I think it’s definitely the vibe of it that I like so much. I’ve also made new friends there, so that gives me another reason to keep visiting the city. One of the things that were included in my bucket list was to dance in front of the Eiffel Tower, and I did it.

Vacay spot: When things go back to normalcy, I’d like to take a flight to Paris.

World Tourism Day 2020: From Goa to Paris, celebs tell what is on their bucket list

Namish Taneja, actor

Favourite destination: Kashmir Valley because of its beautiful scenic landscapes and snow-capped mountains. Kashmir is an apt place to witness nature in its true form. When I visited Kashmir, I received immense love from the people of Kashmir. Regardless of the on-going tensions, people of Kashmir imbibe in them a harmonious outlook towards the society and nature. I pray that the situation stays stable in the valley and everyone can live with peace and harmony.
Vacay spot: I would love to visit Coorg. I have heard a lot about its misty landscapes. Whenever I get a break from work, I definitely plan to take a trip to Coorg and explore the place for its nature.

World Tourism Day 2020: From Goa to Paris, celebs tell what is on their bucket list

Mukul Dev, actor

Favourite destination: I a wildlife buff, especially the big cats. So my favourite Indian destination is the Gir Forest in Gujarat, which is the abode of Asian lions. Then there is Jim Corbett where I would like to go to spot the Bengal Tiger; Ranthambore, again for famous Bengal tigers. I would also like to visit Dharamshala, which has the monastery of his holiness, the Dalai Lama. Internationally, it's Africa: Maasai Mara and the Serengeti in Tanzania. There are so many places within Maasai Mara like Amboseli; it's really beautiful. I go there often and you can see the lion pride and the tuskers.

Special memory: It was in the Gir forest where I took up the responsibility of a little lion cub, which was at the medical centre. The cub had an issue because he was abandoned — every time you called out to him he would not come forward, rather come walking backwards. That was not very becoming of a lion. I took up his medical responsibility and within a year he was cured of this and today he resides as the alpha male of the Gir forest. He is a full grown lion and his name is Kabir. For me it was like bringing up a child.

World Tourism Day 2020: From Goa to Paris, celebs tell what is on their bucket list

Vaishnavi MacDonald, actor

Favourite destination: I like North India — the mountains, the Himalayan range, Jim Corbett, Kullu Manali. I am a mountain person as I feel it holds a mystery and a spiritual feel. Internationally, I love Israel, and Jerusalem because of its unusual landscape. It has patches of lovely lush greenery while it also has sand mountains.

Special memory: During a visit to Jim Corbett, there was excitement of seeing wild life only because of the way the guys there make you feel. When you are in there, every sound you hear is so clear and they make you understand how each sound means something. We were there for three days, but got to see a tiger only on our third day. We also got to witness it hunt a deer. We also spotted a herd of elephants.
Vacay spot: I would pick the United States, since my sister and I would like to spend some time with her and her kids. So, the next time I visit her I will first visit the Big Apple before I head to Houston.

World Tourism Day 2020: From Goa to Paris, celebs tell what is on their bucket list

Donal Bisht, actor

Favourite destination: If I had to choose Indian destinations then it would Leh, where I got a chance to walk on frozen river. And, that only happens once a year. There’s also this amazing memory from my time in Manali, where I went to shoot; the shot demanded that I wear a saree and walk in the snow which was up to my knee. It was terrifying and literally a numbing experience. My feet would get numb at the end of the day, but the experience was definitely worth it. And I enjoyed it thoroughly. Currently I'm in Dubai, and it’s absolutely beautiful here. But, I surely have a couple of places that I’d like to visit internationally, like Europe, Paris, Santorini, Amsterdam because it has all that which I always cherished: art.

Vacay spot: I’d like to go to Goa for a relaxing vacation when things go back to normal. But right now, I’m going where my work is taking me and travelling with all the necessary precautions.

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