Web watch: An Indian spy saga

Thrillers should be strapping and fast-paced! In fact, a typical Indian spy thriller could advantageously incorporate elements from our dynamic culture, to add to the variety.

The Family Man went live on September 20 on Amazon Prime, and has earned a thumping round of applause. The famous method actor, Manoj Bajpayee adds just another feather to his cap with his marvellous performance.

The series has been well received at the International Board of Critics in the United States. Raj and DK’s script has incorporated many relatable real life instances, and has been interestingly blended to create this fiction. So, let us find out what gets this plot going!

The plot

In spite of a snail slow start, the narrative opens on a thrilling note. The nuances of the characters have been well explored and they evolve more organically with time.

The opening scene has been made relatable as DK and Raj revisit instances from 26/11 and have successfully tweaked them around. Perhaps it was also done in lieu of making our cops realise how they could have fixed the misdoings.

Shrikant Tiwari (Manoj Baypayee) is a senior analyst appointed in the special cell. His job involves tracking terrorist activities using a labyrinth of multifarious technological gadgets. However, Shrikant is gifted with a certain intellect. He often combines technology with logic and his intuitive powers to nab a certain terrorist activity.

The other thing about him is, he has his way with words. He uses diplomacy to get himself out of an odd spot and negotiate his way with terrorists. This specially holds true when he successfully negotiates with Moosa Rehman (Neeraj Madhav) to get his way and take him into custody.

Shrikant is also a family man, but knows how to keep the two aspects of his life well apart. Talpade (Sharib Hashmi) is Shrikant’s aide and guides him in every possible way to the best of his ability. As the plot progresses the protagonists focus on Operation Zubeida. They want to unravel the mystery behind the operation and prevent a disaster from happening.

The upside

To be honest, one wouldn’t have thought of how the National Spy division functions, if it wasn’t for thrillers like these. The plot is realistic, and gripping. The actors and directors have invested their very best at making The Family Man a very natural progression of unfortunate events.

The account is made more stimulating with heightened production value, where the team has paid attention to detail. Somehow the team was gifted to have a cast that got along well and were on the same page, which shows both on-screen and off screen.

An array of moods varying from serious, to comedy and thrill enhances the tapestry of the narrative. Manoj Bajpayee has made a mark with his debut on OTT. He adds, “I have never felt like I was shooting for a series. I have given it my best owing to the efforts invested by Raj and DK. They painstakingly deliver nothing but the best.”

The flipside

The dialogues are extremely strong and could have been advantageously toned down to garner a larger target audience. Even a younger school going generation could cherish a series such as this one.

End Note

The Family Man can be rated at a 4/5, as it delivers viewers to a certain hook, that cannot be done away with.

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