Web series review: ‘Boss’ just went for a toss

On a lighter note, one hasn’t quite come across a cop who needs to visit an anonymous service that caters to sex. But, Boss — The Baap of Secret Service, is not only about unravelling the truth on crime scenes but is also about a cop indulging in some steamy sexual encounters, with a number of voluptuous women.

Sex sells! This has become a mainstay at AltBalaji, especially after the Gandi Baat series has received a raving response. The series Boss — The Baap of Secret Service, has been streaming since August 2, 2019.

The plot

The series is shot against the panoramic vistas of the mountainous region of Shimla. The surreal backdrop comes alive with action as Boss who we presume is Sudhir Kohli (Karan Singh Grover), and Sakshi Ranjan (Sagarika Ghatge) take over as cops of a special force, assigned to unveil the mysterious murders that have been happening in the region. Sakshi poses as a straightforward police officer.

Her character is designed to literally don horse’s blinders and focus on nothing but her work. There is a serious lack of expression, pushing her already dull character tail spinning downward. Her great sense of style adds a few brownie points to the dull character.

Boss’s characteristics on the other hand emerge rather boldly. He is a Casanova, (and is one) who manages to keep his eyes open while on his case, and solves some rather tricky cases.

In fact, he is only tolerated on the team because of his zest, and his problem solving abilities. He is armed with instinct, and this trait, makes the plot even more interesting. However, it is amusing to find him getting laid with every other woman, in every passing scene. The scenes are intimately shot.

But, the big mystery is, who exactly is Sudhir Kohli? Is he a conman posing as a cop? Is Boss on a look out for something? He has even kidnapped the real Sudhir Kohli, in the attempt to solve the mystery.

He befriends one of the women he sleeps with, secretly ambushing the kidnapped cop in the basement of her home. His tech savvy friend helps him immensely by getting into the department, posing as Sudhir Kohli. He has scrapped all the digital files replacing them with those of Boss.

The question is what the team finds out about the real Sudhir Kohli... What will Sakshi think of Boss then? Will Sakshi help Boss to successfully conclude his anonymous mission, or will she report him to the police, further inviting more trouble upon him?

The plot is indeed fascinating, and could have been a little more quality inclined were it bereft of the unwarranted sleaze. The raunchy positions grip the viewers negatively, discounting on the sheer quality of the plot. Sakshi’s dialogues are repetitive.

We have been witness to some of the most amazing performances delivered by Sagarika her in the past. This totally demeans her position as a lead protagonist.

One can also observe, that the writers have made a quantum leap in producing high quality stories, however, the director and the rest of the crew should be able to work on holding the plot more efficaciously; especially when there are a couple of stories that run parallel to one another at the same time. I would rate Boss — The Baap of Secret Service at a 2.5/ 5.

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