In a tête-à-tête with NIKITA WADHAWAN, Vivek Oberoi talks about playing a romantic hero again, disappointing movies and advice for his kids

Dressed in a casual avatar in a jeans and shirt, actor Vivek Oberoi sits comfortably in his office surrounded by his trophies, but all are situated behind his chair. He wants everyone to see his achievement but he doesn’t want to be overpowered by him. His house has a pre-historic architecture but with a modern touch to it. Talking about his favourite part of the house, the Bank Chor actor says it is the terrace, where he can sit with his children and gaze at the stars, which is also his most treasured activity.  Excerpts from the interview:

You have done films like Masti and Grand Masti that cater to male fantasy and are given a go ahead without a second thought but films for women fantasy are discourage, do you think that is right?
I really feel it shouldn’t be that way. I am a feminist, I believe in women more than men, they are not equal to men they are superior to men. It is good that at least these conversations are happening. A few years ago, people would not accept it, this repressiveness should not be there. So a censor board trying to overwork and tell you what to watch that is taking you backward.

But your films have mostly objectified women…
Women also enjoyed it. You make women orientated films that commercial. They should put up a film like Lipstick… on a digital platform so that they can amplify it. Moreover, if men go out there and by a ticket for Masti, women should go out there and buy tickets for film like Lipstick….

It has been a long time since you have done a romantic film, do such roles don’t excite you anymore?
I want to play characters that suit my age and the maturity that I am at right now. 15 years ago I played Aditya Sehgal (Saathiya) now I look and feel different. I want to play it in today’s space. Whenever I get a script like that from that perspective I will do it.

Since it has been a long time are you worried that people won’t accept you in a romantic character?
I don’t care. When I did a super villain in Krissh 3 people said I was crazy, they said that children would hate me. But it is the contrary, I have more kids fan following after that movie. They come and sit on my lap and I say call me Kaal uncle, are not scared of me. So, I don’t believe in all these apprehensions.

So it has been 15 years now, what are the highs that you remember and the lows you wish to forget?
I don’t look back. I believe that life is a flowing river, if you swim in a river and stop in one place then the river will just push you down, so just swim with the tide. Whatever I have achieved is behind me, I don’t care and no one cares.

Have you ever been shocked by the response on any movie?
So many. There are many films that I thought were path breaking but tanked and the same time was shocked by the success of the film that I thought was very bad. Films like Omkara and Yuva were movies that were a commercial flop, but I loved those films.

Filmmakers and actor have now found their favourites and want to work only with them, have you found you favourite?
There are a whole bunch of people I enjoyed working with and want to work again with most of them. When Karan came to me with Inside Edge, his last film Bangistan was a flop and even I didn’t like it. If I had said that I don’t want to work with him because of his previous work I would have been stupid. I took him at his face value and now he has created something so different. For me, it is that what is on the table now.

Talking about your future is there any advice you would like to give you children?
Ache waqt me paglana nahi, aur bure waqt me ghabrana nahi. It is life, enjoy success but it is not permanent so is failure. It will come and go. Just be a good human being.

Are you worried that your past might affect them one day?
I believe in karma. My parents good created a good will which has helped me and I believe that my good karma will benefit them as well.