‘There is too much uncertainty in this profession,’ says Gulshan Devaiah

Actor Gulshan Devaiah, has wowed the audience with his varied performances on screen. He is also known to speak his mind without mincing words. Be it surviving in Bollywood, or his divorce, the actor has no qualms about frank in with his opinions. Gulshan, who married Greek actor Kallirroi Tziafeta in 2012, recently went through a divorce. While the marriage might not have worked out, both the actors are still friends and on good terms with each other.

Speaking about the divorce, Gulshan says, “On a personal level, I see 2020 a pretty tough year for everybody. Especially, for me, as I got divorced. But, that was the best decision to take and it was indeed a good one for both of us.”

Ask him about his ex-wife and he cryptically adds, “She lives here in Mumbai. She has been acting. We are on good terms now, we visit each other often. Even during the pandemic we maintained our relationship, which I feel has become better than it was while we were married and lived under the same roof. The decision for divorce was taken a year ago, but the process takes a long time. We were okay going through it.”

A lot has happened in the past few months owing to the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown. Not only did Bollywood lose quite a bit gems during the period, it also highlighted the unpredictable nature of showbiz. “A few things that happened affected me like the loss of Irrfan Khan was very personal. And, the passing of Shushant Singh Rajput for reasons that I didn’t understand in the beginning. How is the game played? How do we reassess things here. Sometimes, you don’t get everything that you set out to do. We wish to achieve our ambitions; sometimes we win, but most of the times we lose. It’s okay to lose. There is too much uncertainty in this profession. Cinema is one of the arts. Each one lives with his/her perception; there cannot be any merit everything is based on perception. Lot of actors know we all go out of our way to create a positive perception so that the audience likes us. We wear the best of attire to attract the attention of our fans, etc. We smile all the time while we interact. We meet right and powerful people to maintain a positive aura. Amidst all of this, you have to assess as to how you want to go about? We need to accept failures as an option and continue to deal with our ambitions. That’s exactly what I do.”

With love also comes criticism. And like they says pleasing everyone isn’t possible. So how does he deal with the negativity? "Deal by having clarity by understanding who you are and what you want to do. Only then it helps you place your ambitions in a certain place. I also don’t discuss my actual ambition with anyone. And my goals and ambitions are how I want to go about with them. Life teaches you how to correct your moves. I try to be reasonable.”

Prior to the coronavirus-induced lockdown, Gulshan was working on a web series, shoot for which was halted due to the pandemic. He is now waiting for the shoot to start. “The is a web series is a crime thriller and was left half way through owing to the pandemic. We are waiting to shoot in Rajasthan. Shooting there will be complicated as we have to look into many aspects as it has to be as per terms and conditions keeping the pandemic in mind. And when we resume the shoot the name of web series will be revealed. We are waiting for a confirmation.”

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