'We have eaten salt and roti': Comedian Bharti Singh on facing extreme poverty

Comedian Bharti Singh, who rose to fame by literally making everyone life, recently revealed that her life before fame went in extreme poverty.

Bharti, who lost her father at the age of two, revealed that her mother cooked at other’s homes sewed fabrics for a living.

"I have lived in that noise for 21 years. I don't want to ever go back there. I don't have very big dreams but I keep praying to God that I am able to sustain what I have. We have eaten salt and roti but now we have dal, sabzi and roti. I just hope my family always has at least dal to eat. I will never want to face the situation or have my family go through that," she told Maniesh Paul during his podcast.

Many are unaware that Bharti was once a national-level rifle shooter and archer. She represented Punjab in Pune and even got into college under the sports quota.

She said, "We used to get free food from the government. I also got ₹15 per day. They used to give us three coupons of ₹5 each and we could get a glass of juice with one coupon. You won’t believe, I used to have one glass of juice, just to ensure I have energy to stand there for hours and practise rifle shooting. The rest, I would save. At the end of the month, I used to get fruits and juices in exchange for those coupons and take them home.”

"Ghar jaane ka mann nahi karta tha (I didn’t feel like going home). I would stay in college with my friends, and eat at the hostel. I knew once I go back, I would have to face poverty. Live in that dim light," added Bharti.

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