Stand-up comedian Prashasti Singh shares gut-wrenching post after mother tests positive for COVID-19
Stand-up comedian Prashasti Singh shares gut-wrenching post after mother tests positive for COVID-19

Stand-up comedian Prashasti Singh has shared a heart-wrenching note highlighting the grave shortage of beds and oxygen supply amid surging COVID-19 cases in the country.

The 'Comicstaaan' star shared, "Mother tested positive last weekend and started worrying about her life insurance nominations. I took a flight to Lucknow the next morning. On my way home the Uber driver tells me he has been getting too many requests to take dead bodies in the car. ‘Laash Ke Vaaste wali gaadi ka bahut shortage hai, madam’. Everyone is sick, too many are dying."

Singh revealed that she was asked to 'pull all strings' to find a bed at the hospital but the the horrific situation there left her dismayed.

"Found space in one hospital. Reached and realized can’t leave her there alone. Hospital is severely under-equipped to handle so many patients. No one can survive this system without a member of their family volunteering to embrace Covid with them," she wrote.

Talking about the severe shortage of oxygen cylinders, Prashasti said, "You have to continuously run around, shout, plead and fight the entire night to ensure oxygen supply for your patient. Between arguments I wonder if someone needs oxygen more critically than we do, and then quickly snap back. You are responsible for one life right now. Can’t afford to care about more."

She revealed that she had to bribe ward boys and a few other people in order to get hold of an oxygen cylinder.

She concluded her post saying: "Everyday I remind myself I can’t complain, hospital bed in these times is a luxury. Think about what’s happening with others. And then I start thinking about others, and then I have to stop myself. Before this week, I had seen a total of 2 dead bodies in my life. I must have seen at least 7 in the last 3 days. No one is processing anything. We are too exhausted trying to keep our people alive. The night is going to be long. I have to stay up and arrange one more cylinder. Walked past an old lady trying to figure out how to get oxygen for her husband. How will she grab and run? She will figure something out maybe. Someone in the ward next to me is howling. I am trying to distract myself with Instagram."

India reported a record 2,61,500 new coronavirus cases and 1,501 deaths on Sunday, while active cases have surpassed the 18-lakh mark.

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