Aly Goni
Aly Goni

How has life been after Bigg Boss 14?

Life has been good. The show taught me a lot about patience and I am applying it in my life now. And after being locked inside the house for around three months, it feels great to be with my family.

Difference between reality shows and real life.

Not much. Your loved ones will always be the same. The camera doesn’t change real relationships.

What’s your friendship status with Rahul Vaidya?

Honestly, I never expected to become friends with someone in the Bigg Boss house, but Rahul and I connected instantly. And once we did, I knew I have got a friend for life.

What are your plans for Eid this year?

This year I will be celebrating Eid with my family. Last year, I was alone in Mumbai and got stuck because of the lockdown. And looking at the current situation, I feel it’s better for everyone to stay where they are and I am lucky that I am with my family during this festive time.

Your childhood memories of celebrating Eid?

There are plenty. But I remember as a kid I would get really excited to get Eidi from the elders in my family. In fact, I used to take all my sister’s money too.

How do you deal with internet trolls?

Since the day I started social media, I have not cared what people say or talk about me. And trolls live because we reply to them and give them something to feed on. And I don’t want to feed them.

What is your take on the entertainment industry bearing the brunt amid pandemic?

It's very upsetting. I know that a lot of shows have moved outside Mumbai for shooting, but they must have travelled with a smaller crew. So not everyone, but I think a good number of daily wagers working in the industry might have been affected. I urge everyone to take the utmost precautions so that we can control the virus and get back to work.

Any upcoming projects?

The music video for Tu Bhi Sataya Jayega featuring me and Jasmin Bhasin just released. We are getting a good response. And as for the upcoming project, you will get to know about it very soon. It’s a surprise.

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