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'Sitting idle at home would have been more dangerous': 'Kumkum Bhagya' actress Pooja Banerjee on working during her pregnancy

Actress Pooja Banerjee, who is expecting her first child with her husband Sandeep Sejwal, is excited to start a new inning in her life

Popular television actress Pooja Banerjee, who is expecting her first child with her husband Sandeep Sejwal, is excited to start a new inning in her life.

From maternity photoshoots to her baby shower, the actress treats her fans with adorable photos and videos, and it wouldn't be wrong to say that she is enjoying every phase of her pregnancy.

Pooja broke the news of her pregnancy in November last year. The due date of delivery is in March 2022.

In a candid chat with the 'Free Press Journal', Pooja spoke about embracing motherhood, what precautions she is taking amid the rise in COVID-19 cases, and several other things.

The 'Kumkum Bhagya' actress, who is at the peak of her career, has set an example for all working mothers, especially actresses, who refrain from talking about the same and look at it as a huge roadblock in their careers. "It's a happy thing and a happy phase of my life, so why should I be hiding it away? I don't see any reason why I should not be talking about it. I don't want to blabber and boast about it. I don't think I am doing anything out of the box or extraordinary. It felt normal and very natural for me," Pooja shares.

She has worked throughout her pregnancy and feels that being on the sets helps keep her mental health in check. "Had I not been working, I would have sat idle at home, and that would have been more dangerous," Pooja explains. According to her, managing the shoot was a bit difficult, but it was doable because she had reduced the working hours.

When asked how she is taking care of her health amid the pandemic, Pooja states, "I'm taking a lot of precautions. In fact, everybody on the sets takes care of me. I keep hygiene as a priority. I don't step out much, and except for work, I don't go anywhere else. Having a healthy and good diet is also at the top of my list. I make my own food which helps me understand what I'm eating. You just have to make a little more effort than you would have otherwise. It's sad that the cases are on the rise once again. We can't afford to have another lockdown, and yet we have to take care of ourselves nevertheless."


Pooja, who is also a fitness enthusiast, has maintained an hourglass figure. When asked if she was scared of gaining weight, the actress says, "I have already gained a lot of weight. I'm in this phase where I can eat more and say that I'm pregnant, which is why I'm putting on weight (laughs). I can actually eat what I feel like eating without thinking much about it. I have no complaints about it at all."


Pooja has come across people who've asked her to sit back and let her career take a back seat for a while. "Even social media is full of such things and such people. Everybody on social media has got a license of commanding or demanding what anybody should be doing. Nobody can tell me or dictate to me that I should take a rest, a sabbatical or sit at home. It's my choice, and if I feel like working, I'll work," Pooja says.

She feels the Indian joint family system provides an amazing support system for mothers who want to focus on their career. "I think specifically in India; we have the luxury of having a joint family who can take care of the baby in the mother's absence. It's a huge blessing. I would rather credit them because they are the ones who actually help women work. More than the husband, it's the other family members who really take care of the child in the absence of the mother," Pooja signs off.

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