Mother's Day 2021: 'My feelings took a backseat, and my kids became priority', says single mom Deepshikha Nagpal

Actress Deepshikha Nagpal, who currently essays the role of Lalita in Dangal TV’s Ranju Ki Betiyaan opens up on the highs and lows of being a single mom on Mother’s Day 2021.

Deepshikha tied the knot for the first time with Jeet Upendra in 1997, with whom she has two children - Vedhika and Vivaan. However, the couple parted ways and got divorced 10 years after their marriage in 2007.

The actress describes herself as a “very strict mother, but at the same time very friendly.”

As a woman who took charge of both her children – emotionally and financially, Deepshikha asserts that she had to teach her children all by herself sans any support.

She says, “I was strict with them till the age of 13 as that's their growing age and pushed them for outdoor activities. After my shoots, I used to spend time with them instead of nagging about what they did or did not do. I started being more open to them, more like an adult. I trust, listen and believe in my kids. With time, I have also evolved as a mother.”

Nagpal, who started working in the 90s, witnessed a very naïve atmosphere in showbiz especially towards working moms, who would try to balance work and kids.

Speaking about how she managed it all, the former Bigg Boss contestant says that “society keeps changing with time.”

“When I got married, people used to say ‘her career would be finished and she would have to sit at home’. But from day one I was very firm and clear that I will work and be independent. I love my work and I cannot sit idle. Despite the ups and downs in my life, my work is the reason I am surviving.”

She further adds, “At times, I did receive a lot of negative comments about leaving my kids and going to work but I ignored them. Yes, emotionally I used to get hurt but I was strong enough to surpass it all. I could marry someone rich and enjoy life, but I instead choose work and I am happy.”

Sharing on the struggles working while constantly thinking about the kids being alone at home, Deepshika maintains that no matter what she went through, she made sure her little ones didn’t have to face the same.

“I will sit and cry but will give them everything that they need. I used to make them understand the reality. It was a long journey and may sound easy but it's not. I had a tough time, especially emotionally and it drained me.”

Mother's Day 2021: 'My feelings took a backseat, and my kids became priority', says single mom Deepshikha Nagpal

When asked how she explained the idea of divorce to her children, Nagpal says that since they were quite young, they did not understand. It was only until they grew up, they got to know what it really meant.

“I never stopped my children from meeting their father and his family. I always taught them to respect everyone and treat everyone nicely,” she says.

In 2012, Deepshikha married for the second time to Keshav Arora, who had been her co-actor in her directorial debut Yeh Dooriyan.

Revealing how her children reacted to the news, she says that they were very possessive of her.

“My son was still young at that time but my daughter was very insecure wondering if her mother would go away. I did explain and comforted her that we will be staying together. I remember during my second wedding, my daughter wanted to dance in my sangeet. When I told her that hardly any child gets a chance to dance at their mom's wedding, she became very happy,” says Nagpal.

However, after all the highs and lows in life, Deepshikha is now a single mother with two teenagers who share an unbreakable bond.

Deepshikha says that as a single mother, she has faced a lot of emotional trauma, but it has only made her stronger.

“My feelings took a backseat, and for me, my kids, their feelings became a priority. When they were young, I was constantly worried. It was very difficult. When my divorce happened, I became spiritual and healed myself for my kids as I am the pillar of the house. No one is there to look after them except me. Now when they are grown up, I have learnt that you have to simply balance it all.”

Sharing a parenting tip for single moms, Nagpal signs off by stating, “You need to talk to your children, be their friend. Create a healthy atmosphere, bond, support and take support from each other.”

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