'Managing work and fasting is way easier than sitting at home': Ayub Khan on Ramadan amid lockdown

Ayub Khan says that the best part of Ramadan for him this year is being able to research more into his faith. The month-long period has become more important in his life than he can ever remember.

He says, “Prayers and charity are some of the pillars of the faith but fasting is one of the important tenants. Just as people spend time at a gym, building bodies that they are happy with, fasting is somewhat equivalent in the same manner, but this is for your mind and soul. To strengthen, cleanse, and purify one's mind and soul (the body too is benefited from this exercise).”

When asked about his most memorable anecdotes during Ramadan, Ayub highlights his visit with the entire cast of one of his shows at Mumbai’s iconic food joint - Mohammed Ali Road.

He states, "I remember going after the shoot with the whole cast of one of my shows. The people at Mohammed Ali road were so amused to see us sitting at the roadside restaurant and relishing all the stuff being cooked for us. We got tons and tons of dishes to try out by the caterers and no amount of protest about bursting at the seams could stop from being served one dish after another. The dishes kept piling up on our table, to be tried out, and thank god, the crowds started becoming uncontrollable around us, we managed to make that an excuse and make a hasty run from there, else we surely would have had to be rolled away instead of walk away.”

Despite being a hardcore foodie, the pandemic has led to him not being able to have any domestic help, which has somewhat curtailed his Iftar meal options at home.

He says, “I can barely cook to save my life, and thanks to the invention of the OTG (oven, toaster, grill) I am now able to razzle up some meals which I wouldn't have dared to attempt before this, (had I have had to cook the traditional way).”

“Not having domestic help has somewhat curtailed my Iftar meal options at home. It used to always be about inviting everyone around to join in when breaking the fast and one would order and have homemade stuff. Different styles of kebabs, milkshakes, sandwiches, and vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, etc. but now it's just fruits and a simple meal and next to no one to invite over,” adds Ayub.

Khan further states that managing work and fasting is way easier than sitting at home and waiting for the day to pass. “Working during Ramadan is such a breeze”, he says.

He signs off by saying that his prayers for this year are "for the pandemic to come to an end soon, to heal the hearts of those who have lost their loved ones, peace, love, brotherhood to fill the world, and that everyone begins to care for each other in a greater manner."

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