Krushna Abhishek refuses to perform 'The Kapil Sharma Show' episode featuring his uncle Govinda

A year after actor-comedian Krushna Abhishek revealed about his soured relationship with uncle and veteran star Govinda, he recently opted out of another episode on ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ citing similar reasons.

Krushna told Bombay Times that he learnt about Govinda coming on the show 10 days back. Since the actor was not accompanied by his wife Sunita, the makers assumed Krushna wouldn’t have any reservations in terms of performing.

However, he maintained that the incident from last year has left a bad taste in his mouth.

He further added that it is difficult to perform comedy when the relationship between two people is strained. No to mention, his uncle might take offence to his jokes.

The 37-year-old conveyed to the daily that his Chi-Chi Mama didn’t even reach out to him during the lockdown, when one of his twins was battling for his life in the hospital.

He asserted that he did try to get in touch but there was no response.

The family feud began two years ago, when Sunita expressed how upset she was when she read a post shared by Krushna’s wife Kashmeera on her social media profile about people performing for money after Sunita and Govinda decided to make an appearance on a TV show.

They appeared on Krushna’s show The Drama Company. Even though later Krushna and Kashmeera apologized to them stating that it wasn’t indicated to them in the first place, Sunita was miffed with the move since it came right after their appearance on the show. Krushna, on the other hand, continues to maintain that it was indicated towards his sister Aarti Singh.

Later in October 2019, Govinda, Sunita and their daughter Namrata were the guests on Kapil Sharma’s show. However, Krushna was missing in action during that episode.

Krushna while speaking to a daily said that Sunita had requested the team for him to not be a part of the segment featuring them. Krushna found this sad and shocking and said that his character Sapna is an integral part of the show. He, however, chose not to create a scene because it was Namrata’s big day as she had come to promote her album.

He said that being an older brother he thinks good for his sister, and he expected the same from his elders. He also said that Govinda does not want them to talk about their issues in public, but something like this has happened.

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