KBC 12: Can you answer this Rs 7 cr question on Mumbai that made IPS officer Mohita Sharma quit?

Television game show ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’, hosted by Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan, featured the Rs 7 crore question for the second time in season 12.

The show found its second crorepati in IPS officer Mohita Sharma, who bagged Rs 1 crore, but failed to answer the finale jackpot question that made her quit.

The Rs 1 crore question was - Which of these explosives was first patented in 1898 by German chemist Georg Friedrich Henning and first used in World War II? The options - A. HMX B. RDX C. TNT D. PETN. The correct answer is RDX.

Sharma was able to answer it by using her expert advice lifeline.

After winning Rs 1 crore she still had one lifeline ‘Flip the question’ remaining. However, she couldn’t use it, since those reaching the final question cannot use any lifelines.

The Rs 7 crore question was - Launched in 1817, which of these ships built by the Wadia Group in Bombay is the oldest British warship still afloat? The options - A. HMS Minden B. HMC Cornwallis C. HMC Trincomalee D. HMS Meanea. The correct answer is HMC Trincomalee.

Sharma, 30, was posted in Bari Brahmana, Jammu and Kashmir, before she appeared on the show.

Mohita is married to a civil servant as well. Her hobbies include cooking, singing and travelling.

In the promo shared by Sony TV, Mohita can be heard telling AB, "Chahe jo marzi dhanrashi jeet ke jau, par raat ko jab so-un, to ye lage ki badhiya khel ke gayi (Irrespective of the money I win, when I sleep at night, I should feel content about the game I played).”

Earlier, Nazia Nasim, a communication professional bagged Rs 1 crore, after quitting on the Rs 7 crore question.

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