KBC 12: Can you answer this Rs 1 cr question on Mahabharata that made a 12-yr-old quit Amitabh Bachchan's show?

The season 12 of popular game show “Kaun Banega Crorepati” rolled out its student edition – featuring young kids as contestants.

The latest episode saw 12-year-old Anamaya Diwakar from Udupi, Karnataka, who went home with Rs 50 Lakh after failing to answer the Rs 1 crore question.

Anamaya shared with the host and veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan that he is fond of cars and dreams of opening a car manufacturing company in the future.

The 12-year-old lad went on to quiz Big B about his favourite car, to which the latter replied as Lamborghini. However, the actor revealed that he bought the luxury car but couldn’t drive due to Mumbai traffic.

Anamaya then suggested Big B to invest in a sports car. The actor jokingly suggested that when the former wins Rs 7 crore he can share half of the prize money, to which Anamaya bluntly refused saying, “'aap ke paas bahut paisa hai.”

After winning Rs 50 Lakh, Anamaya quit the show after being unable to answer the Rs 1 crore question.

The question was - Which son of Karna survived the Kurushetra War and took part in Yudhishthira's Ashwamedha Yagya?

A. Vrishaketu

B. Satyasena

C. Vrishasena

D. Vrihanta

The answer was: Vrishaketu

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