‘I’m a bit sad that it wasn’t because of voting’: Aly Goni on leaving ‘Bigg Boss 14’ for Jasmin Bhasin

There are friends in the industry and then there are comrades like Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin, who would clearly do anything for each other. The biggest test to their friendship was when one had to leave the show 'Bigg Boss 14' in order to save the other.

While they argued, what was peculiar was that both wanted to save the other person and leave the show. Well, Aly left the show and he doesn’t regret it one bit. “The decision was never difficult for me. I had always maintained that I was there in the show because of her. I am so happy that I could save her. I gave my best to the show and I am happy. I am a bit sad that it wasn’t public voting because of which I had to leave."

All Bigg Boss enthusiasts will believe that the two were completely adorable in the show. Aly says that they were exactly how they are in real life as well. “We are the same with each other normally too. But I am so grateful that through the show I got to spend time with Jasmin. When you are close to someone, you love spending time with them. Of course, leaving her inside was tough for me, but I had to do it to save her,” he says.

Jasmin had a big fight with Eijaz on the show recently, who claimed that Aly had asked him to take care of her. Reacting to this Aly says, “I never interfered in her issues when I was in the house and I will not now as well. I don’t know what happened between the two of them but yes, I had told Rubina, Eijaz and Rahul to take care of her. All I can say is that Jasmin is very strong and knows how to take care of herself very well."

A lot has been said about how Jasmin lost herself and looked weak after Aly came. Also, the fact that Jasmin started standing up for herself more after Aly’s entry has been claimed by a lot of people in the house. However, Aly disagrees. “Not at all! She was strong before too. I mean people say she was cute, but she used to stand up for herself back then too. Now, she has got to know people well and if she says anything now, people say she is negative. She is playing her game really well and in such a game everyone needs someone or the other at some of the other point, and maybe I was that person for her,” he adds.

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