‘I'd love to steal all the black money and donate it’: Barkha Singh on playing a con woman in ‘Murder Meri Jaan’

Actress Barkha Singh, is all set to star in Disney+ Hotstar’s Murder Meri Jaan speaks about her prep for the role of a con artist, a hypothetical crime she would commit in real life, working with co-star Tanuj Virwani and more.

What made you sign up for this project?

As an actor, getting the opportunity to do exciting and diverse roles is the ultimate thrill. Some of my favourite pieces of content have revolved around brilliant con men as the protagonist. So, when I was approached for the role of Sonal, I was very excited. I instantly developed an affinity for the character particularly because of how chirpy and upbeat she is, but at the same time very sharp and intelligent. I found the storyline very interesting right after the first narration; it was something I would definitely enjoy watching and so I happily agreed to be part of this project.

Tell us about your role as a con woman?

Playing Sonal in Murder Meri Jaan was a great learning experience. Sonal is an innocent-looking, but very sharp young girl with a long criminal history that includes duping men after marrying them. You never know what's on her mind. Things turn awry when her latest catch is none other than a police officer himself, resulting in a series of difficult and funny situations for both her, and ACP Aditya.

Did you do any research/homework to do this role?

I’d like to believe I am a person with high integrity so to justify the motives of this character I had to truly immerse myself in Sonal’s mind, which was challenging and required a lot of preparation.

‘I'd love to steal all the black money and donate it’: Barkha Singh on playing a con woman in ‘Murder Meri Jaan’

Do you love crime thrillers?

I do enjoy watching crime thrillers. David Fincher’s ‘Seven’ and Anurag Kashyap’s Black Friday are my all-time favourites in this genre. I am currently watching The Serpent.

If you had the chance to commit one crime without punishment, what would it be?

Since my dad was in Indian Navy, I have grown up in a very disciplined manner and I don't think that I would ever like to commit one crime in real life. But if I absolutely had to commit a crime, I would love to steal all the unaccounted-for black money and donate it to animal welfare charities and environment protection bodies.

What is the biggest lie you’ve ever told in life?

A truth that I have always managed to evade, when asked, is about my dating life. But I still can’t tell you if I am single or dating!

Your experience working with Tanuj Virwani?

This was the first time Tanuj and I worked together. When we first met in Bhopal, 2 days before the shoot started, I was sick with food poisoning and he was exhausted from a previous project and the wrap party that followed. We were anything but excited to work together. However, once we did start shooting and with all the shenanigans that followed through the schedule, I think it is safe to say that Tanuj is a great co-actor and a good friend. He is brutally honest, helpful and encouraging as a co-actor. There are loads of pranks and jokes and a whole lot of cricket and ‘Bhindi ki sabzi’ when Tanuj is on set.

A funny anecdote you’d like to share from the shoot

There was this one time when we were shooting a scene in the car and once the scene was over, we didn't stop the car. We continued driving and went to eat ‘chaat’ at a place we crossed while shooting the scene, not too far away. We knew that we had about an hour before the next scene, so a little fun wouldn’t stall the shoot. The unit was super confused and they laughed a lot when they realized what had happened. We packed some ‘chaat’ for the crew members as well so no one complained!

Your upcoming projects

Silence released in March and after Murder Meri Jaan in May, I am all set to begin work on a couple of exciting projects which I sadly cannot disclose yet as they haven’t been announced as yet. However due to the lockdown the shoot for those have been on hold. We will resume shooting as soon as the situation eases out and it is safe to resume shoots. I can’t wait to let all of you know about them!

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