Bigg Boss 14 Finale: From Salman Khan crying to Rahul Vaidya's proposal - Top 10 moments of this season

The curtains are about to go down on what must be one of the most boring seasons of Bigg Boss 14, but then even the lamest game must have a winner.

After over 100 days of being confined within four walls, surviving gruelling tasks and living out made-for-CCTV drama, housemates Rubina Dilaik, Aly Goni, Rahul Vaidya, Rakhi Sawant and Nikki Tamboli have made it to the final week of Bigg Boss 14.

Meanwhile, here’s a quick look at top moments this season that will be remembered for years to come.

1 - Rahul-Disha Proposal

Singer Rahul Vaidya and his girlfriend Disha Parmar added a romantic twist in the house over the weekend, to bring Valentine’s Day vibes alive. When Disha entered the Bigg Boss house to meet Rahul, he proposed her on national television, which she happily accepted.

2 - Abhinav Shukla’s Drawstring

Rakhi Sawant, who pretended to be madly in love with housemate Abhinav Shukla for a while, pull strings literally to give her gimmick a push.

Rakhi pulled the drawstrings of Abhinav's shorts which left him shocked, and his wife Rubina Dilaik enraged.

This antic came after she ripped Abhinav's underwear, and wrote his name in red all over her body.

3 - Rahul Mahajan’s Dhoti

Rakhi Sawant stripped housemate Rahul Mahajan, as part of a task where she had to act possessed.

The incident happened after Rakhi went into ghost mode. She had previously said that she was possessed by a 200-year-old spirit named Julie.

The incident shocked many, because they felt that had it been a male contestant tearing a woman's clothes in the house, there would rightly have been a big debate over vulgarity and sexism on television.

4 - Rubina-Abhinav’s Divorce

Rubina Dilaik said that she was on the verge of divorcing her husband and co-contestant Abhinav Shukla before entering the reality show.

She shared that they were about to get divorced and had given each other time till November last year, and that is the reason they decided to enter Bigg Boss 14 together.

The couple got married in 2018.

5 - Eijaz Khan’s Molestation

Eijaz Khan revealed a shocking dark secret from his childhood during a task.

Eijaz, who was seen as one of the most firebrand contestants, broke down while sharing he was touched inappropriately as a child. He said that he had struggled with it for years and that his therapist helped him get over it.

Eijaz broke down as he said that he did not tell his father about it and that was one thing he regretted. However, he remained strong and said that he knows he was not to blame for it as he was only a child, and he was only sorry about the fact that he could not tell his father about it.

6 - Jaan Kumar Sanu and Marathi

When Jaan Kumar Sanu entered into an argument with fellow housemate Nikki Tamboli, he asked her to refrain from speaking in Marathi in front of him because it irrates him. He added that if she had the courage, she should speak in Hindi.

Soon after the broadcast of the episode, the conversation took a political turn, with several political leaders expressing displeasure over the statement. The channel as well as Jaan apologised for the remarks.

7 - Kavita Kaushik’s Dramatic Exit

Television actress Kavita Kaushik stormed out of the reality show after having a spat with Rubina.

Noticing that certain housemates in the show were not abiding by the house rules, Bigg Boss decided to intervene and announced that those contestants who do not wish to follow the rules can leave the house. With this, he opened the doors.

At this time, Kavita and Rubina were having an epic showdown. The fight between them turned ugly as both refused to step down.

Eventually, Kavita stormed out of the house as the main door of the show was open.

8 - Vikas Gupta pushing Arshi Khan in the swimming pool

Vikas Gupta, also known as the 'Mastermind' was shown the exit door after getting physically violent with fellow housemate Arshi Khan.

Vikas, who entered the ongoing season as a challenger, pushed Arshi Khan into the swimming pool. Following which he was told to leave the show as it is against the reality shows's rules to get violent with another contestant.

However, he did return and continued to play as a challenger until he was evited due to lack of votes.

9 - Nikki accuses Jaan of kissing her without consent

Nikki Tamboli accused housemate Jaan Kumar Sanu of kissing her without consent, reiterating the adage that no means no.

Jaan said in defence: "Why the hell is she kissing me back?"

10 – Salman Khan cries on the show

Bigg Boss 14 host Salman Khan got teary-eyed as two couples - Rubina, Abhinav, and Jasmin, Aly were nominated for eviction. As Jasmin was eliminated, Aly got on his knees and broke down uncontrollably.

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