Sri Reddy’s semi-nude protest has given a big blow to the industry as many actresses as well as junior artistes are now being vocal about their personal sexual abuse experiences. Recently, another Telugu actress Sandhya Naidu left everyone shocked after revealing about how the industry demands sex at night.

In a gathering, where artists came together and spoke about how they sexually are exploited, Sandhya Naidu came in front and said something unbelievable. “Most of the characters I get are that of a mother or an aunty. They call me ‘amma’ at the shooting spot in the morning and ask me to come and sleep with them at night,” says Sandhya Naidu, who has been in the industry for 10 years now. “One of them asked me what I was wearing and if it is transparent,” added Sandhya.

Apart from Sandhya, artist Sunitha Reddy also said, “We have to change clothes outdoors and relieve ourselves outdoors. While the managers ask us to use the caravans of the stars, we are not allowed and are treated like worms. They used crude language and ask us not to lurk around.”

Well, Sri Reddy has been causing shock by revealing big names in her alleged casting couch incidences which includes, Abhiram Daggubati and others.