Actor Sharon Stone felt like she was ‘hit by lightning bolt’ when she suffered a stroke in 2001. The “Sliver” star was taken to a hospital after she collapsed at her Los Angeles house. After her “massive brain hemorrhage and stroke”, Stone was left with a “brain seizure condition” for which she still takes medication.

“I had the kind of stroke where one minute you’re standing behind the couch and the next minute you’re flipped over the couch on the coffee table and everything is everywhere. It’s a little bit like you see in the movies when Zeus hits somebody with a lightning bolt and they just go flying. It’s a little bit like I felt like I was hit by that lightning bolt. I don’t know how long I was on the floor. It was three days before somebody took me to the hospital,” Stone, 59, said.

The doctors, the actor said, were going to send her home after six days in hospital as they thought she was “acting”. “This happens to me a lot. This happened to me when I had gallbladder disease, this happened to me with dental problems. People think that as an actress or a high-profile person that you’re acting,” she added.

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