Selena’s youthful appearance restricting her acting career

Selena Gomez thinks her appearance has somehow limited her to doing a certain kind of acting roles. The 24-year-old singer-actress says she faces difficulty in getting to portray more mature characters on-screen due to her looks, reported New York Post.                 “Sometimes I feel defeated. I’ll audition for a part that I feel very passionate about, meet with people, and tell them I’m willing to go places. I think they think I won’t go there. I think I look really young and image-wise, it’s difficult for people to grasp,” says Selena.

She adds, “I could do any tomboy/teen princess movie in the world if I wanted to. I could do those for years. But I want to be a part of projects that have value, that really matter. And it’s really hard to do that.”

Free Press Journal