Priyanka Chopra plays it different

Priyanka Chopra who believes in donning a different role with a unique flair talks about her character in upcoming film, ‘Zanjeer’. It is apparent that after a rather heavy duty ‘Barfi!, she had quite some fun during the making of Apoorva Lakhia directed film, before she moved on to relatively challenging Mary Kom flick.

Talking about her upcoming film, the actress confesses how she likes to push the envelope

Priyanka Chopra plays it different

“When Director Apoorva came to narrate the story of ‘Zanjeer’, it finished in just one and a half hours. But we went onto discuss about the different aspects of my role especially as I am always keen to perform every role in a different way,” says the actress.
Talking about her styling in the film, she shares how she is particular about sporting a new style to suit her character. “I enjoy working with my hair stylist, her name is Priyanka too. She always tries to bring in different styles for me. And the latest that I have done is a ‘Khajoori’ choti and she preferred doing it loosely for me. This Indian style makes me look different. Also I love to keep a little fringe in front. The blonde streak that she has given me makes me look different,” shares PC who loves to experiment with different hairstyles to make her feel fresh.
Coming back to her role in ‘Zanjeer’, she adds, “Not many will be able to identify the one thing which I have done as a token of my love and tribute to Jayaji. I remove a Swiss knife and try to scare the people who come and attack me. I am Hindi film buff, I hail from New York and suddenly I happen to witness a murder. And henceforth what follows forms the crux of the story.”
On taking on the mantle of doing Amitabh Bachchan’s remakes, she says, “I am proud of the fact that I have done a few remake films of Amitabh Bachchan. I cannot play Vijay! So whatever films belonging to him fall in my lap, I feel honored and it brings in a sense of pride in me as he is my favourite actor.”
Talking about her co-actor, Ram Charan Teja, the southern superstar, she is all praises for him and adds, “The first day when I reached Hyderabad to shoot the film, a huge crowd gathered to witness the shooting of ‘Zanjeer’ as Ram has tons of fans out there. The fans literally blocked the roads. And further adds, “Ram has helped me speak Telugu dialogues. I had great difficulty in memorising dialogues of almost four to five pages. I play Mala who is a garrulous chirpy girl. He is well versed in Hindi; I had a little problem in speaking Telugu. Chiranjeevi, Ram his wife and other family members took care of me.” Highlighting, how she was pampered by her co-star during the shoot, she shares, “In fact, Ram would get delicious dishes cooked from home for the whole team. Especially, he spoilt me as he understood what a foodie I am! He took us to a restaurant, I forget the name but it belongs to one of the actors here and the food there was yummy.”
PC who adores American star Beyoncé Knowles, shares her reasons as to why she wants to be like her. “I like the way she handles her family, personal as well as professional life, so very meticulously. I find it amazing and always want to follow her footsteps and striking the right balance. To be able to handle my family, personal and professional life like she does,” she shares.
Talk about her going global with her music and she says, “It is just making the west taste the Indians culture through my music videos. This keeps me excited and going. I have not sold myself to the west. Indeed, I am taking all the good things of India to the west. I belong to India.” And adds, “I am a creative person. In this short span I have done Tollywood, Hollywood and also being from Bollywood, I always

like to learn and do different stuff. For me any work is worship. I do not have the perception that this work is small while the other is big. An excellent performance is what I crave for and so I always do a lot of homework. It’s just been one year that I have ventured into musical domain. I am trying to learn more and be able to give my best.”
PC who loves to challenge herself constantly, confesses, “I refuse to take up anything which might fall in a safe box. I like to push boundaries, no matter if I have to put in a lot of hard work. Doing different roles in ‘Krrish’, ‘Barfi!’, ‘Agneepath’ has kept me on my toes. I always like to perform any role with utmost honesty.”
Shedding light on her personal take on life, she shares, “I believe in being black and white. But I am a family person and do not like to disclose my personal life. I am also emotional, so any unnecessary controversies do hurt me. Well, I do not like to clarify any controversy merely because I feel that would spread it more. Unless it is something very hurtful, then maybe I shall talk about it. However, I do not like to play hide and seek at all.”
Talking about her next project that revolves around a biopic of Olympic medal winner, Mary Kom, she shares, “It is indeed a challenge. Thank God I am not a boy. Also, Mary does not have any packs or else I would have had to work on them. It is a difficult role to perform. Undoubtedly, knowing a puncher having the interest to wear nail polish and shopping lovely dresses etc is really interesting to know and perform. I am happy to do this biopic as it is just so lively and having the person around also gives a different high altogether.”
“Having studied abroad participating for sports was mandatory, but I am not a sports person at all. Being tall, I was chosen to play Basketball. Swimming is something I loved to do. Running in the field was also a part of sports during the school days. I somehow did not like sports but had to grudgingly participate in it,” shares PC who is all set to push her boundaries.

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