PM Narendra Modi Biopic Review: Painful to watch Vivek Oberoi 

Film: PM Narendra Modi

Cast: Vivek Oberoi

Director: Omung Kumar

Rating: 2 Stars

Right around the election season we have had many releases targeting the political situation in India, and some of them were biopics of known leaders in the country like, The Accidental Prime Minister, Thackeray, The Tashkent Files, and now the most controversial of all is the release of PM Narendra Modi (biopic).

The film starring Vivek Oberoi in the titular role as the Prime Minister of India, is a collaboration of glorified moments, with a disclaimer that states the film is an inspirational story, and the makers have used liberty to add fictional characters and stories for dramatic effect.

PM Narendra Modi starts with the time 2013 when the entire country was waiting for BJP to announce the PM of the country, as the Bharatiya Janata Party had won the 2014 elections. We are then taken back to the moment, when young Modi helps his father by selling tea, while still is in school, emerging and painfully slowly through every public episode heard by all of us.

Directed by Omung Kumar, the film barely takes us through a story, but just events in the man’s life. It’s a journey but of the audience who are taken into a broken story overly to be mended by fictionally glorified by death threats, name calling and blaming the opposing party for everything that goes wrong.

Including a wealthy businessman who does ventures in politics and also works with Congress party, can instigate riots, can get a visa cancelled and do alot more.

The film follows the story through living as a yogi, RSS to becoming a party member, becoming the CM, bringing in the change in Gujarat, to finally becoming the PM of India.

Vivek Oberoi as the PM is a sight to behold, from the fake nose to the very visible bald cap makes it easy to understand why the film was shot so quickly. As for his acting, the inconsistent accent, the punch lines and the trailer worthy camera shots simply do not make it a good package on the celluloid front forget propaganda.

The film stars Vivek Oberoi along side a bunch of other cameos. The only constant face in the film is his, as much as the films seems like a propaganda for the ruling party face, it also seems like audition tape for Vivek Oberoi and his mediocre acting skills.

Overall the film is a forced emotional ride, which is hard to accept and digest and can hardly be called a biopic!

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