“People are not going to look at Shani as a negative God anymore”

Her perennial beauty and dignified mien typify her as an actor of eminence. JUHI PARMAR of the popular Karmphal Data Shani speaks with DHRITHI SUDHAKAR GULVADI about her show, her comeback, the myths of lord Shani and more…

Does the nature of your character in Karmphal Data Shani represent the model of truth, owing to the phenomenon that scriptures are the only evidence about the history of Shani?

The nature of my character in the show represents the model of truth and model of sacrifice that a mother can do and the extent that a mother can go for a child, and stand by a child through thick or thin. It is a combination of all the positive aspect that can be there as a woman and as a mother.

Do you think the show has the ability to convince those who are new to the theory of Shani?

I think this show stands out from the moment it had launched. First of all, it is not a typical mythological show. It is a story that has been untold. Most of the mythological shows are the shows where we already know the story.

We know what happened in Ramayan, we know what happened in Shiv-Parvati’s life, we know about Krishna. But, the show that we have made and the story that we have is something that nobody knows. No one knows what happened to Shani when he was born; no one knows what happened to him in his growing age.

Our show is a completely untold story and it has the capacity to intrigue the viewers completely because everyone is scared of Shani and they want to know what makes Shani a Shani. It has the edge over all the other mythological shows.

Secondly, one may have not seen in television in that scale that they have made the show. The VFX is of international standards which one should see to believe in what I am talking about. It’s not at all tacky and it is not something that has been seen earlier.

I don’t think that till date a television set has been this huge. It’s humongous. These are the aspects which are untouched in television, be it the storyline or the look of the show. It does stand out in many cases.

Do you think Karmphal Data Shani certainly unlocks the mystery behind the traditions and customs (especially, women not allowed in Shani temple) attached to Shani?

I don’t know about the traditions and customs because I don’t think we are looking at those things in our show, that’s why I said that it is not a typical mythological show at all. It is a kind of micro historical show or drama.

It’s a different show and it definitely has the capacity to undo the perception of Shani. People are not going to look at Shani as a negative God anymore. He is a God, but I think he is the only God who’s looked at negatively.

People are scared of him and they don’t want Shani to come into their lives. We pray Laxmiji to come in our life and we pray to Ganpati to bless us and pray all other Gods to bless us, but Shani is the only God whom we wish to not have in our lives. The negativity attached to Shani is definitely going to change because people are seeing what made him the way he was and that he does not ruin people’s life.

He only judges people on the basis of their Karma. It is not Shani who is a factor responsible for what is happening in one’s life. It’s karma and one pays for one’s own karma. We need to really feel inwardly and correct ourselves.

The reason why women are not allowed in Shani temples will be justified in this show. Whatever traditions we follow today are man-made. Shani didn’t say that women are not allowed in his temple. These are man-made traditions which have been made out of our perception after reading the scriptures.

We have decided that so and so things have to be followed this way or that way. There is nothing like it has been written in scriptures that women should not be going to Shani temples. There is a history attached to how and what happens when it comes to women in his life, which I can’t reveal right now but that will be a part of the show.

What took you so long to reestablish yourself on-screen?

I took a break from work only for my daughter. I didn’t want to leave her and come to work; hence I didn’t pick up shows. I was offered many, but I waited for her to grow up enough to understand that I go to work. In television, the number of days and hours are very demanding, so I just didn’t want her to feel my absence. Now, she is grown up enough to understand that, hence I have taken up the show.

As you play the role of an ancient mother in the show and you are a modern mother in real life, do you think the definition of motherhood has changed from the ancient era to the modern era?

No, I think in fact a mother does the same deeds, be it in the ancient era or today’s time or maybe 20 years from now or next century. A mother is going to be extremely protective about her child naturally. A mother will go to any length to protect the child.

A mother is going to sacrifice her own good, her happiness, her time, her lifestyle. However, modern I am today; I think the same way for my child. I sacrificed my career for her because I didn’t want her to feel left alone.

I think the feelings of a mother remain the same. It’s just that the way to handle things has changed over a period of time. The outlook has changed towards life, but emotions are absolutely the same. A mother is a mother, no difference.

(Karmphal Data Shani airs on Colors from Monday to Friday at 9 pm)

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