“Other girls are prettier and more talented than me!”, says Jhanvi Kapoor

You throw her a curve ball, and she will turn that to her advantage, that is Jhanvi Kapoor for you. Late Sridevi’s daughter who debuts with Dhadak thrives on challenges and makes her fears her strengths. Watch out for this lady, writes Shubarna Mukerji Shu

Poised, after already spending most of her morning fielding media questions, Jhanvi walked into the room with a ready giggle, and a husky voice. For a bit, it is obvious, someone has sat her down and made us understand the tricks of the trade, whether it was her mother or her dad, or was it Karan Johar who is all set to bring her into the world of Lights-Camera-Action, we will know soon. But one thing is for sure, the confidence she exudes come naturally…

You always knew you wanted to be an actor or was it one fine day it hit you?

I didn’t think I could be anything other than being an actor. That’s the only thing I knew I could do and I guess somewhere subconsciously I was working towards it my entire life.

Did your mom know that? What was the reaction like when you broke the news? As far as I remember, she always spoke about you pursuing fashion as a profession…

I guess she knew it in the heart of heart and was hoping and praying I change my mind. I remember the day I told her that I was not backing off, it has to be acting for me. She went ‘Aiyooooo!’, it is not like she didn’t have faith in me, but like every other mother she had her fears. She has been in this industry since she was a baby. She knew how ruthless people can be here. She was most afraid that people will go on pitting her against me. on many levels she felt worried because she knew that people will compare my first to her 100th film, and the comparison will be as inevitable, as it will be unfair.

It is a double-edged sword, having this kind of lineage that you come from. However, it brings us to the dreaded word – Nepotism. You are aware that you entry into the industry will be condemned by some?

Here’s what I know, I know I am lucky to have this opportunity. I know for sure there are girls who are much more prettier than me, there are girls perhaps who are much more talented than me, but I know that I have not taken this opportunity for granted. I have worked really hard, there cannot be anyone who can turn around and say, I didn’t give more than a 100percent to this film and this opportunity. I am grateful, yes, but I know how precious this chance is and I am not willing to blow it because someone didn’t get what I got. I know that I have been given a chance of a lifetime and I am concentrating on making the most of it.

Did it have to be Sairaat? I mean, there were talks about Student of Year 2 etc…

I was never going to be a part of The Student of Year 2, those were just rumours. Sairaat was not a conscious decision though I remember when I saw the film the first time, my mother commented that the role of Archie was tailor made for debutant actresses. One would be lucky to have something like that for their first film.

How did Karan (Johar) tell you that you are going to be Archie….

I am not Archie, I am Parthavi. That’s the crux of this remake. We are telling the audience even those who have already seen Sairaat that the story is as relevant up north as it is in Maharashtra. As for Karan Johar telling me that I am to do Sairaat, it was such a gradual process, that the fact is he has still not told me in as many words that I am to be part of Dhadak. It just happened, gradually. We did a lot of reading, we worked on the lines, I worked on the backstory etc… so it was never really pronounced, that yes Jhanvi, you are doing the film!

Tell us  bit about Ishaan…

He is such a fab guy to have around. It is because of his energy, his vibe it was so easy for me to convince myself that I am in love with Madhu. His vibe is infectious. It was really wonderful working with him. I got to learn a lot from him.

Coming from a family of actors, now becoming one yourself. What is the anxiety level like?

Frankly, when I was working on the film, I didn’t feel any pressure. I was just loving this whole process of turning into Parthavi. Playing her, I realised through her I am seeing the world in a whole new dimension. It widened my horizon considerably. But now, when I am sitting her, answering all these questions, I am definitely feeling the pressure. Before the promotions started I was damn chilled. Now anxiety is kicking in….

Your sister might be next. How does that feel?

Khushi is a very passionate girl. Whatever she takes up, she will give it her best. Whether it will be acting or not, that she will announce to the world when she is ready. I will let her do the talking.

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