Nana Patekar is angry again. Relentlessly campaigning for the rights of farmers, he feels excessive attention is devoted to sensational news rather than issues that should really concern us.

In an interview to a news channel, Nana Patekar said, “The girl (Pratyusha) dying was most unfortunate. But it is being highlighted day after day in the media. What about farmers who kills themselves? Are their lives not worth anything?”

While agreeing with Nana on the importance of highlighting the plight of farmers a filmmaker who has worked with the actor-activist says, “Nana tends to get too emotional about national issues. He should learn to be more restrained. His powerful voice will go a very long way.”


Nana Patekar wants attention to move away from Pratyusha to farmers suicide

Fresh development are seen in the suicide case of Indian Television’s renowned celebrity Pratyusha Banerjee aka Anandi. Although the friends and family of Pratyusha say