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MTV Roadies star turned CEO Navjyot Gurudatta shares his journey to success


Reality star turned entrepreneur Navjyot Gurudatta who was approached for Big Boss 13, aims to take digital marketing to a whole new level and is currently looking forward to starting a News Agency of his own in Dubai.

The 25 year old young Founder and CEO of Masterkey Media, began his journey to stardom from MTV Roadies 11, after which he solely focused on building his business and helping other budding entrepreneurs around the globe do the same.

On February 29, 2020, Navjyot skydived in Dubai's Palm drop zone, becoming the first person to raise and wave the Sikh flag "Nishan Sahib" in the skies, setting a global record. The Nishan Sahib is a triangular Sikh flag that can be found outside most Gurudwaras and is extremely important in a Sikh's life.

Navjyot, in an interview with the Free Press Journal talks about his never-ending journey to success, while also sharing a bunch of great tips for young entrepreneurs and digital marketers.

How does it feel like to work with the topmost brands, influencers and entrepreneurs around the world?

It is a huge responsibility to work with the topmost brands, influencers and entrepreneurs worldwide who are on the path to achieving more every single day. The challenge here is to balance the work ethics of both parties in order for things to go smoothly. There’s always so much to learn and explore, and that’s something I really enjoy and look forward to.

You seem like a person who is extremely passionate about automobiles. How and when did that start?

Since I’m into PR and Digital Marketing for Premium brands, I was managing Master Key Luxury Car Rental, one of the topmost brands in Dubai. Eventually, I came to Dubai and got a chance to meet my client Ibrahim Assad. That right there, was the point where things started to pick up. "Why not start a digital marketing agency together?" Ibrahim asked me. Things started falling into place, and since Ibrahim’s business was all about luxury cars, and since we started working together, I became someone who loved cars as well. I don’t really count this as an achievement, it’s just like a byproduct of what I’m doing.

You created a record by waving the Sikh flag “Nishan Sahib” in the sky at an altitude of 13,000 feet above sea level. How did you do it, and what motivated you to do it?

Right from the point when we are kids, we dream of something that we wish to achieve. And that dream for me was skydiving, which is probably something that many of us want. But I did not want just that. I wanted to do it differently, and I wanted it to be unique. At the beginning, I wasn’t even sure if I would be able to do it, because I was of the opinion that waving the “Nishan Sahib flag” while skydiving wasn’t allowed. But luckily, I met someone with whom I was working and he allowed me to do it.


I was not aware about the fact that I would receive any kind of fame or recognition for this. Little did I know that this would even help me grow as a businessman and most important of all grow as a human being. This opened the door to several opportunities, which I will be forever grateful for. It was a great experience that I will always cherish.

The “Nishan Sahib” commands the respect and reverence of the Sikhs as the marker of gurudwara, the sign which leads them towards the Darbar of the historical Gurus and of the Eternal Guru in which truth, justice, and sovereignty have been established. But what does the flag personally mean to you?

For me, the flag stands for peace and humanity. We Sikhs believe that it is our responsibility to help each other. The Sikh community always aims to spread love, peace and kindness, and the same applies to me. When I look at the flag, it reminds me of my responsibility to be there for whoever needs me.

You even made it to the list in the Top 100 powerful and influencing Sikhs in the World. What was that like?

When I raised the Nishan Sahib and created a world record, I was called by various communities to several Gurudwaras. Somehow someone from the UK came to know about it and he paved the way to make it happen, for more people to know. It wasn't something unusual at that time, because the pandemic was still on and everything was going just as it was.

But when the news came out, I started getting loads of messages and followers on my social media accounts. All of a sudden people around the world were talking about me, appreciating me, posting stories about me. That’s when I knew it wasn't something normal or something ordinary. That felt really nice. This fueled my motivation to do more for the community.

Who is your inspiration and what is that “one thing” that motivates you to wake up every single morning to give your best at whatever you do ?

My father is my inspiration. And this isn't just because he is my father! It’s because he is a great human being, who knows best to treat people. He taught me that doing business isn't enough, and that one must take care and look after the needs of the people who you work with. His way of working, and most important of all, his work ethics are truly commendable.

Apart from this, each goal that I set motivates me to do better. You keep setting bigger goals as you soar, and that’s what motivates me to work like crazy! I work for 18-19 hours a day, I hardly sleep! And it’s all worth it, because I get to witness the results right in front of my eyes.

What inspired you to write your book, “The Secret of Growing Fast on Social Media”?

Well the tagline I go by is, “I make people famous". I wrote my book regarding just this to teach people the right way to grow on social media. People seem to be loving the book! They share their stories on social media, and most importantly, quite a few successful influencers in the country have appreciated my work, as they see results after adopting my techniques.

I am planning on writing my next book focusing on a combination of entrepreneurship and mental health as I believe, especially with the pandemic going on, that seems to be the need of the hour. I’m still on it. The process takes time, but hopefully it should be done soon.

Throughout your career journey, what was the most challenging part you had to or still have to deal with?

Everyday is a new challenge. You tend to feel that things aren't working out quite often. But that’s totally normal. But this should not make you feel demotivated. What’s wrong with failure? Absolutely nothing. The faster you fail, the better. Only then you try new ways to get it done. I am constantly asked by people about how I keep hustling without losing hope, and how I do not enjoy parties and vacations, and I tell them that it’s okay to not be an extrovert at all times, it’s okay not have friends and go for parties and vacations, it’s okay to lose things and sometimes even people. All this is part of the journey and without any or all of it, success would be meaningless. It is important to trust the process and stay consistent in order to create something big.

You were even approached to be a part of Big boss 13. What were your thoughts at the time and what’s the reason you decided not to go ahead with it?

It was a great opportunity at that time, but that was the phase in my life where my business was doing really well, and things were just going the way I wanted it to. I experienced amazing growth as a businessman, and so I couldn't risk all of it for the show

5 Golden Tips on getting started as an entrepreneur/ digital marketer

Be genuine with your clients and ensure maximum transparency. This helps to build trust which in turn benefits your brand in the long run.

Maintain a good work speed to provide your clients with what they need, right when they need it.

Always stick to your work ethics and never compromise on the quality of work for your client.

Give your best without keeping any expectations from anyone or anything.

Quit relying on people for favours.

What are your future plans when it comes to your career?

My plan is to get out of my comfort zone and create more. I’m not looking just at a digital marketing agency, I also plan on starting a news agency in Dubai and grow my network, as that would help immensely in the growth of my business.


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