Tutak Tutak Tutiya: Inoffensive but joyless attempt at comedy

Film: Tutak Tutak Tutiya

Cast: Prabhu Deva, Sonu Sood, Tamannaah Bhatia, Murli Sharma

Director: Vijay

This south-flavoured comic-horror-drama produced by Sonu Sood stars Prabhu Deva as the typically accented  south Indian who makes good use of his dance skills in order to woo modern women into his life.

Unfortunately none of the tricks he employs works. Rejected 30 times, he remains unflagging in his devotion to his one ambition. Then comes a rushed trip to his hometown-ostensibly to pay his last respects to an ailing bed-ridden grandmother whose tenuous hold on life is quite without precedent.

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The family decides that their son must marry before the passing away and a slew of women are paraded and rejected before the grandmother’s hands latch on to a shepherdess (Tamanaah) who the wannabe Casanova Krishna deemed to be not to his taste.

Krishna’s fate is sealed and post marriage returns to Mumbai, shifts to a new rented apartment and hopes to lead a clandestine married life, but that’s not to be because his wife gets possessed by the ghost of a former tenant, who committed suicide under tragic circumstances.

Now the disposable wife becomes a desirable one who is also being pursued by superstar Raj (Sonu Sood). The story (if you could call it that) of this multi-lingual (releasing in Tamil as ‘Devi’ and Telugu as ‘Abhinetri’) horror comedy is ridiculously hare-brained, the values being promoted are distinctively south-side regressive, the slap-stick is unpalatable and the overall enticement is minimal.

There’s nothing here to laugh at other than Sonu Sood’s whacky effort to pad up as a tightly muscled film star (abs and all). Prabhu Deva has a few long drawn dance sequences to power-up with but thereafter it’s downhill.

He is a charming likeable actor no doubt but he does not have the screen presence to keep you entertained for a full length runtime. His expressions come across as caricatured and the gender bias in the writing is clearly off-putting.

Tamannah Bhatia as the servile doormat turned mod mem after possession is bearable but that plot twist is clearly not an original one by any standard. Not much in terms of entertainment value for sure but the constant frolics into music and dance may well keep you engaged.

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