The Legend of Michael Mishra More pedestrian than legendary

Film: The Legend of Michael Mishra

Cast: Arshad Warsi, Boman Irani Aditi Rao Hydari, Kayoze Irani

Director: Manish Jha

One would have expected a Director like Manish Jha who has had critical successes like ‘Matrubhoomi’ and ‘Anwar’ behind him, not to fall prey to the lure of mainstream and clueless Bollywood. But that was not to be as can be seen from his current offering ‘The Legend of Michael Mishra’ about a misdirected love story that all too conveniently comes good in the climax.

Michael Mishra (Arshad Warsi) a well-known tailor turned kidnapper from Patna had once chanced upon a young girl, a dancer practicing around a Bodhi tree, just before being taken in by the police for a murder. But before he gets taken in he manages to throw her a chain with a locket and also gets her to say hello to him – which in fact leaves incredulous reverberations all through the narrative.

Once his sentence is done, Mishra (a visibly ageing and weighty Arshad Warsi) comes right back into Patna, gets embroiled in the kidnapping business and sets out to search for the girl who never left his memory all through his incarceration. He misses her at the Bihar’s got talent show and finally finds her when his man Friday (Kayoze Irani) steals her pet dog Chocolate for compensation. Thus begins the wordless romance with hand signals, love notes and fantasy visits before Mishra is persuaded to turn over a new leaf. But his efforts come a cropper when he is made to seek redemption for his past sins.

The film begins with Boman Irani who plays manager of the Dhaba having the Michael Mishra name, telling this tall tale to a bunch of tourists. And the telling of it is neither interesting nor exciting. Don’t know why the tourists would be captivated even with Boman telling it. The script is terribly hackneyed, the dialogues, set-up, characters are neither real nor believable. The treatment is neither stylish nor funny. The point-of-view here is entirely ridiculous. It’s so obvious and blatantly compromised that you will see the eventual outcome coming from a mile. Aditi Rao Hydari does her valiant best to rouse up some interest but it’s just not happening!

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