Freaky Ali: Yet another freak show!

Film: Freaky Ali

Cast: Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Arbaz Khan, Amy Jackson

Director: Sohail Khan

Only Bollywood can dream up a central conceit that is more or less a freak show. If you go by Bollywood tradition freak shows are basically the norm in an industry where fantasy, formula and escapism are the bulwarks of its creative output. So when a bumbling goon (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) tees off with a perfect shot on the golf course his luck has just begun – or so director/writer Sohail Khan would have you believe.

A fish out of water set-up like this would be confounding to most purists of the good old game of golf. The game requires strength, precision, understanding of its rules, ability to use the right club for the specific shot as well as trained skill to hit the ball with power and swing. I personally don’t believe this can be achieved overnight – especially not by someone who hasn’t played the game or even knows anything about it.

So the scenario here is entirely outlandish. Freaky Ali a.k.a Nawazuddin Siddiqui works with Maqsood (Arbaz Khan) as a debt collector and one day while on a collection drive at a Golf course gets into a verbal duel with one of the players there. That leads to a challenge and Freaky Ali hits an unbelievable putt.

After that Ali is shown as trying his hand at the rich man’s game and winning again and again against all odds. Quite a ridiculous, unbelievable storyline and the direction is so laidback and unexciting that there’s little of interest here.

Nawazuddin looks out of place and out of sorts, Arbaz continues to play wooden, while Amy Jackson’s pretty much makes a cake walk. The songs are forgettable, dialogues are atrocious and production values are patchy at best. This one is as silly and unexciting as they come!


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