Fabricated Revenge Drama

Film: Kaabil

Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Yami Gautam, Suresh Menon, Ronit Roy, Rohit Roy, Narendra Jha,

Director: Sanjay Gupta

You’ve got to see this film with your Eyes wide shut or you will find it extremely difficult to suspend your disbelief. This is basically a visually challenged film made by people who have the luxury of sight. Rohan (Hrithik ) is sightless and so is Supriya (Yami Gautam). But given the predilection for male superiority his senses are much sharper than hers- at least that’s how the film plays out.

Sanjay Gupta has made several stupid films but this one takes the cake. It’s both pretentious and callous.

The visually challenged twosome is introduced and within a few minutes of their introduction break into an elaborate dance that shows off their prowess on the dance floor. Su is a pianist who plays accompaniment for a dance school while our redoubtable hero Rohan is a voice artist who dubs for animated films. Though he cannot see and there are no obvious prompters in the dubbing studio, he is able to match-time his voice to the character’s lip-sync without a glitch. That’s some unimaginable talent I must say!

The two are also so immaculately presented that it’s hard to hold back your disbelief. Doubtful Sartorial flair notwithstanding, the story goes haywire when the villain is introduced. One look and Amit (Rohit Roy) a local mawali, sets his sights on Su, and even rapes her with impunity. He happens to be the brother of a vile local corporator (Ronit Roy channelling Nana Patekar here) who sees nothing wrong in his ‘laadla’ brother’s antics.

The cops (Narendra Jha, Girish Kulkarni) are helpless enough to help channelise repeat offences against the challenged couple. Eventually Su decides to end it all and Rohan is left to carry on the burden of living a hell. His mind seething with guilt, helplessness and vengeance he sets out to trick his enemies into a downfall that will put an end to their tyranny.

This is the first Rakesh Roshan home production (FilmKRAFT), that has been directed by an outsider (Sanjay Gupta) and it’s quite obvious it’s been made to give a much needed fill-up to Hrithik’s flagging career. Every sequence is customized to suit Hrithik’s commendable histrionic ability- even if it seems unreal and unimaginable. The script is faulty and full of holes. There’s little understanding of disability here. Everything is so fancifully stage-managed that it appears paradoxical with relation to the lead characters’ abilities, strengths and weaknesses. The fantasy elements are many here.

There’s neither realism nor grit- just a whole lot of subterfuge masquerading as compassion for the differently-abled, in the centre of this misbegotten revenge drama. Hrithik has his intense moments but Yami fails to pass muster. Suresh Menon as the sympathetic friend is bearable. The Roy brothers are vile enough to draw up the dramatic tension. The music is bearable, Dialogues are offensive and direction is far more visually challenged than the central characters. This one has little to recommend it other than as a showreel for Hrithik’s talents. There’s neither logic, respect nor truth in this telling!

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