22 Yards movie: Review, Cast, Director

Film: 22 yards
Cast: Barun Sobti, Geetika Tyagi, Amartya Ray, Panchi Bora, Rajit Kapur, Rajesh Sharma, Chaiti Ghoshal
Director: Mitali Ghosal
Rating: * *

A rather laboured effort centred around a sports-betting crime, this sports drama is about a sports agent Ron Sen (Barun Sobti) finding himself at the crossroads after being framed for a crime he did not commit, and eventually finding restitution by promoting a promising young talent who has all but lost his way.

The drama is set in Kolkata in the backdrop of cricketing heaven – the Eden Gardens and amidst typical puja festivities. One of the characters even takes a never ending tram ride amidst the euphoria driven climax where the young aspirant is shown to have found his feet, getting into stride for cricketing glory while the Agent regains his lost standing amongst the people who once made his life so miserable.

Veteran sports journalist turned filmmaker Mitali Ghosal who along with script and story writer Samrat, constructed this fall-from-grace drama, may have had inside information regarding the role of betting in cricket but the same doesn’t come through emphatically.

Much of the camera time is focused on making lead actor Barun Sobti look cute. The characters seem a little too flaky – with some of them having affectations that sound pretty ridiculous. The conflicts here appear to exist for their shock value and do very little to validate a ‘phoenix rising from the ashes’ construct.

A successful sports psychologist goes back to his old passion i.e. tailoring following a painful divorce; a several decades older sister becomes overprotective of her sports prodigy brother following a freak accident; and a promising cricketer snuffs out his own career unwilling to make the right efforts to regain his lost glory.

It’s a pretty weird set of ideas put together to support the primary plot line. Unfortunately, This is no ‘Jerry McGuire.’ Ghosal’s narrative is slow moving and lacks the energy and drive to give this movie enough of a sporting edge at the box-office.

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