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Updated on: Saturday, February 29, 2020, 12:51 AM IST

Movie Review: Rizwan; Fails to inspire


Film: Rizwan

Cast: Vikram Mehta, Keyuri Shah, Bhargav Thaker, Jalpa Bhatt, Digisha Gajjar, Sonu Mishra, Gaurav Chansoria, Sagar Marsrani, Hitesh Rawal, Chirag Katrecha

Director: Haresh Vyas

Rating: ***

A biopic of sorts, this film toplining the exploits of a daring 10th failed, wannabe entrepreneur from Porbander, Gujarat, who took his chances in Zaire (helped by his Older Brother), forged a super-market chain of 32 stores across eight countries in Africa-Asia and generated overwhelming goodwill in the region by using his new-found wealth to reduce disparities in education, healthcare and economic development within the communities of both continents, could have been inspiring but it is so by-the-book that it fails that purpose entirely.

Instead, the film plays out like a show reel for an NGO (in this case the co-producers, Rizwan Adatia Foundation) documenting Rizwan Adatia’s process of growth from a lowly clerk in a store in Porbandar to one of the most admired motivational speakers and successful Indian Origin entrepreneurs who forged his business footprints across the two continents. While director Haresh Vyas’ narrative is not exactly simplistic, the non-linearity seems forced rather than organic – using Rizwan’s first experience of riots in Kinshasa, Zaire as the prompt to reflect back on his past with his nine member family in a small home in Porbandar.

The riots are depicted with a lot of background noise, a collage of shots and little substance while the hardships experienced over the years don’t have enough of a dramatic arc to alleviate the tedium of lacklustre telling. The age-inappropriate casting and stilted performances decreases the film’s overall appeal. Shukar hai Vyaadhi Nathi may be the theme song here but the film fails to evoke that sentiment with its unimaginative narrative spiel!

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Published on: Saturday, February 29, 2020, 06:55 AM IST