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Updated on: Tuesday, November 02, 2021, 07:03 AM IST

Love Story review: This Naga Chaitanya, Sai Pallavi-starrer is a treat for romantic movie buffs

Director Sekhar Kammula excels at presenting a fresh take and incorporating important elements in three different sections of the film

The only way to make the familiar love stories work is to present them as an entertaining amalgamation of three elements in particular. An adorable lead couple, pleasing catchy music, and a twist that hits the viewers hard, coming unexpectedly. Love Story, directed by Sekhar Kammula, exactly does the same, incorporating the important elements in three different sections of the film, resulting in a fairly entertaining watch.

In the first section, we get to see a boy’s childhood living with his mother, questioning the caste division in society. Post the lengthy introduction; we meet the young boy (Naga Chaitanya) running his dance/fitness classes on the terrace of a rented floor. He gets attracted towards a girl (Sai Pallavi) visiting one of his students living next door, and the love story begins after spending a good long time on these intros.

The film’s best part begins once Pallavi performs in the rain, in front of Chaitanya and his students, winning hearts. The foot-tapping music and pleasant songs add a lot to the proceedings, and one feels great watching Pallavi dancing like a dream, expressing on every beat of the tracks so effortlessly. Sadly, the narrative becomes a drag once the lovebirds get serious, thinking about their inter-caste relationship and its complications. Besides, a few sequences shot with computer graphics easily get caught, bringing in disappointment.

Restlessness is felt watching this middle section of the film until the focus shifts to a shocking twist pointing towards the sexual harassment of girls and the lack of dialogue between the kids and their parents. Though this unpredictable concluding segment leaves a powerful impact, it also comes with its share of less convincing and hurriedly conceived writing, ending on an abrupt note.


A love story revolving around an inter-caste marriage of two talented individuals didn’t require any open, artistic kind of culmination to be straight. The forced and unrequired inclusion sadly remains the reason one doesn’t feel like having seen something exceptional in the end.

Overall, Love Story isn’t any Sairat (the Marathi blockbuster). However, it still works largely because of its lead couple, their spirited acts, the excellent dance performances, the pleasing music, and a sensible, thought-provoking twist transforming it into a socially relevant film. However, it would have been much more impactful in a shorter duration, with better writing towards the climax and avoiding the abrupt end.

Title: Love Story (Telugu)

Cast: Sai Pallavi, Naga Chaitanya, Rajeev Kanakala

Director: Sekhar Kammula

Rating: 3 stars

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