A still from Dangerous
A still from Dangerous

The story

Neha Singh (Bipasha Basu) is one of the finest Indian cops that London has. On moving to Manchester, she has been assigned her very first high profile case that involves the abduction of Diya Dhanraj (Sonali Raut), Aditya Dhanraj’s (Karan Singh Grover) wife. Aditya is Neha’s old flame. They parted ways to peruse their goals. Life gets them back together once again. Will Neha unveil the dark face of the murderer and rekindle romance with Aditya Dhanraj?

The review

Back in 2002, Bipasha Basu essayed the role of a cop in the film ‘Gunaah’. She was tout, firm and brimming with intelligence. In the series ‘Dangerous’, one would expect Bipasha to play a part involving more character, especially when she is making a comeback after a long time. However, despite carrying herself well, we realise she hasn’t exactly moulded herself to play the part of a smart cop. She plays a cop, but comes across as a senior corporate personnel adorning rose tinted glasses. She displays her strength as a cop only in bits and pieces and begins to melt like chocolate on seeing Aditya. In a nutshell she hasn’t struck the right chord with the emotions and the character that she plays.

Karan Singh Grover has got a fantastic build. However, he needs to work towards expressing nuanced emotions with greater clarity. According to Karan romance is about looking worried, worrying is also about looking worried and anger is worrying too. His physique could have made it easier for him to connect with Aditya, but perhaps he found it a bit challenging to throw himself into character and show greater involvement and conviction.

Suyyash Rai essays the role of Vishal, who could have proven to be a dark character. But, Suyyash fails to do justice to the part. There should have been more conviction in the role he plays especially since he is involved in a clandestine affair with Diya.

Abduction inclined films/series can get pretty predictable. Yet, director Bhushan Patel has made a serious attempt to take a clear departure from the expected by lacing the plot with a smattering of suspense. For instance, when the abductor calls Aditya for the first time, it becomes increasingly difficult for the cops to trace the call. The excitement begins to grow when Neha looks at the photographs of the car in which Neha and Vishal were abducted. The director confuses the viewers by including an interrogation with Gauri (Natasha Suri), and keeps her away from the plot right till the end, thus creating an air of mystery. Though these twists are added, the series becomes a lot more foreseeable as there are very few characters and suspects.

As a director Patel hasn’t successfully harnessed the talent to suss out the best from them. The making of the series involves the ‘safe play route’. The dialogue delivery is rehearsed. There is a lack of that candid element. The variation of the pace, could have helped the series a great deal.

MX player has delivered some noteworthy originals in the past including Queen, and Ek Thi Begum. If they’re thinking that ‘Dangerous’ is the ace up their sleeve, they’re sadly mistaken.

Name of the series: Dangerous

Platform: MX Player

Number of episodes: 7 (22 mins each)

Cast: Bipasha Basu, Karan Singh Grover, Suyyash Rai, Sonali Raut, Natasha Suri, and Nitin Arora.

Director: Bhushan Patel

Rating: 2/5

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