Aquatic chills

Film: 47 meters down: Uncaged

Cast: Corinne Foxx, Sophie Nelisse, Sistine Rose Stallone, Brianne Tju, John Corbett, Nia Long

Director Johannes Roberts

Rating * * and a half

It’s good to see films showcasing strong, resourceful women as principal characters. What’s not so edifying is the sight of these women mostly attired in skimpy clothing. Just like the makers of Baywatch made the most of a winning combination of bravery, brawn and babes on the beach, the film under review exploits semi-clad nubile bodies. Who are we to complain? Testerone driven young men certainly won’t in this aquatic horror flick, a follow-up to the 2017 original, directed and co-written by Johannes Roberts.

He returns in this sequel with co-screenwriter Ernest Riera to set the narrative in Mexico and the submerged ruins of a Mayan city infested by deadly albino sharks. Four youngsters, two of whom are squabbling siblings, embark on an underwater odyssey only to plummet to terrifying depths. Trapped inside the ruins, they must navigate spooky labyrinthean caves and tunnels and evade hungry ( CGI) blind predators. To make matters worse, the air supply is depleting. Who will survive?

The poorly sketched characters propel the story towards a predictable ending. Grit and cooperation are the true saviours in this meandering narrative punctuated by jump scares and gore. Or maybe, the plot’s not that implausible. After all, the harnesses of skydivers are known to have broken plunging them to their deaths.


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